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Two emphatic victories
Saturday's romp wasn't the Red Bulls' first at Yankee Stadium. Last year, they posted a 3-1 victory in their only visit. Two emphatic victories on the home ground of their local rival can't be seen as a fluke, and the reality is the small field at Yankee Stadium is arguably better suited for the Red Bulls than NYCFC.

"Yesterday, we mapped out on our training fields the size of this field here and it's incredible how small the field is, and you have to adapt Fifa 17 Coins, " Marsch said. "I know that, with the way that we run, and the speed at which we play, and the way that we press, we're always excited to come here because we feel like it's a chance to do the things that we do in an effective way. "

Even before Saturday's thrashing, NYCFC has been struggling at home to produce consistent results, and it is starting to feel more and more like the narrow field conditions at Yankee Stadium — which is a byproduct of having to shoehorn a soccer field in a baseball stadium — are holding NYCFC back at home. The second-year club has managed just one win in seven (1-2-4), and has scored just seven goals in seven home games this year. Conversely, NYCFC is 3-2-1 on the road this year, having scored 11 goals in those six matches.
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