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Views for Handicap in FIFA
Recently many FIFA players argued with whether it has handicap in FIFA. And here are my views for it. Additionally for the upcoming FIFA 17 series, Our website offers cheap fifa 17 coins , that can help you build your game better equipped and faster in the game.

I think that Lower Rated players get a bigger boost and Higher Rated players get a smaller boost.These are not handicapping.

If your bronze player with 60 dribbling gets a 10 boost (70) and your gold player with 80 dribbling gets a 6 boost (86) - although the true value in rating between them is closed, it's not handicap.

Handicap would be if your low rated team got a huge boost, and my high rated team got a reduction. That's handicap. If we both get a boost, but yours is just a little biger, closing the game marginally between our two teams, then we both receive benefits. No one gets handicapped.

It's also important to note that if you have a low rated team, you get a boost, and if you face someone else who has a low rated team, they ALSO get a boost.
It's not a case of "higher team gets punished". Everyone recieves a boost, the value of that boost is adjusted.

It's also important, very important to note, that this is only applicable to Day 1 Cards.

If you came to me with a low rated squad of upgrades, you get no boost. No stat reduction. If you also came to me with a superstar team of the best TOTS / TOTY about, you STILL get no boost, no reduction.

Above is for reference only. Welcome to share with us what you think.
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