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Answers to FIFA 17 Server Questions
The most important aspect of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team will be the FIFA 17 EA servers. It's extremely tiresome when they go down, especially when you're mid-game in FUT, using the Web App or have a card up for sale. It's also very important to know when EA take the servers down for maintenance, enabling you to plan ahead and make shrewd investments while ensuring you do not receive a DNF.

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Question One:What are the FIFA 17 EA Servers?

The FIFA Ultimate Team Servers are the infrastructure that keep the FUT game mode online. Although they are somewhat frustrating when they go down, they enable your version of events to display in real-time to other FUT users and vice versa.

Question Two:Why do the EA Servers go down?

The FIFA 17 EA Servers can go down for a multitude of reasons. To simplify, in times of very high traffic the servers sometimes don't have the capacity to handle all the requests. Also, EA often take the servers down for maintenance as sometimes there are faults within the game which need to be fixed. In other circumstances the servers go down for unexpected reasons, such as faults which need immediate attention.

Question Three:Can the FIFA 17 EA Servers go down for just Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 4, PS3, PC?

Yes, EA have the ability to shut the servers off for any platform. They can perform maintenance on just one console at a time.

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