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Discuss: FIFA 17 Draft Conceive
Theme: What if there was an option to do a discounted FUT draft entry by paying 7,500 coins. Here is the catch, you must first play a 1v1 vs another online participant with your main squad. The winner receives a FUT Draft token. Loser loses all. What do you think? At the same time for FIFA 17 be on sale, our site will prepare the cheapest FIFA 17 coins. Now pay attention our website, as well as discounts surprises waiting for you oh.


1. No, not interested. What I would like to happen to draft is that you are allowed to play all games regardless of wins or losses. After you've played all 4 games you get rewarded after how well you've done.Also I think it should cost less coins to attend, smaller rewards for no wins, higher rewards for all wins. Also, the price should decrease during the season, as general players get devaluated over time meaning that your rewards get devaluated as well.

2.I also think that the draft it self should be more random. Right now its almost more predictable than playing regular FUT seasons. I know the point is to try all the best players, but personally I'm not into that. I'm just into a fun game mode, and I don't consider it fun playing against the same Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar front line every single.

3.Well, I'm not talking about me. I assumed that was completely obvious. I'm talking about my opponents. I never pick either of those players if I can avoid it in any way, myself. I doubt many other drafters follow the same principle. Besides, you will never be offered a silver player in the same pick as Ronaldo. It's either all players top tier, all players second tier or all players bottom tier. Basically. The choices when you draft are really predictable honestly. As are your opponents teams.

4.Interesting. EA have never had a problem with gambling despite much of their fan base being under 18 so I'm sure they love it... I'd never play it though as it seems like a good way for people who are actually good at FIFA to get cheaper entries and I'd never win lol.

If you have any ideas for FIFA 17 draft, let us know in the comments section below. If you want the first time to learn about the FIFA 17 latest news. Our website will be your best choice.
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