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FIFA Mobile Soccer Listed on Google Play for Pre-Registration
The annual editions in Electronic Arts' FIFA franchise are awaited impatiently by gamers around the globe. Ahead of FIFA 17's global launch on consoles and PC later this month, the company has listed its mobile game FIFA Mobile Soccer on Google Play, though it is not yet available to download in all regions.

With the change in its nomenclature, it seems like the company wants users to see the mobile game as a standalone entity instead of a mobile port of the console game. In last two three years, the mobile game segment for the FIFA series has seen good traction and the company would like for the series to continue on the same path.

FIFA Mobile Soccer is currently listed as 'Coming Soon' on Google Play India, with the option to 'pre-register' to be notified when the game becomes available in the region. The game is reportedly already available in Russia, where it was probably soft-launched. The Google Play listing also contains several reviews, implying availability in more than one region. EA had announced a launch of the next FIFA mobile game this fall on both Android and iOS, so we can expect the game to hit the App Store soon as well.

So, what's new with FIFA Mobile Soccer Electronic Arts has added a new mode to the game called 'Attack Mode'. In this mode, the gamers will just have to play the attacking chances that their team gets for each half before they pass on the game to their opponents to do the same. The company has even added the option of building an even bigger fifa 17 coins club in the Ultimate Team mode.
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