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pokemon go candy has to catch up with Sony
Pokemon GO has been on the line two months after breaking the major revenue standings, becoming (click + pokemon go candy) and many other countries and regions of the top alone Pokemon GO game Niantic has surpassed Sony to become the world's gaming revenues eighth! let's see how the players will be strange Pokemon GO sent to the altar!
Sony has Niantic catch Pokémon Pokemon GO GO enigma earnings
By convention we first look at the company's download chart this month, the biggest bright spot than the PokemonGo Niantic, and by virtue of this work, but also to Niantic washed up on the first list of downloads worldwide. According to the Guinness Book of World Records data for this it is to create a month after on-line downloads pokemon go candy highest record. Another notable is Aiming for "Goddess of Light Trilink seven of Warcraft" also help the company into eighth place in the list. In addition, with the "do not step on white pieces of 2" continuous efforts, cheetahs also return to the top ten list to download.
Let's look at company earnings list, with respect to PMGO outbreak in the world, returning to the pokemon go candy market after Japan, but it seems to always worse then breath. Perhaps because of on-line time later, in July of the red to the eighth revenue standings, even more than the Sony. From this point of view, PMGO income is at least "Fate / Grand Order" four times.
Actually, this is the game PMGO represented between Nintendo and Sony, and perhaps pokemon go candy in the near future, the two sides will also host game gradually extended from the battlefield to the mobile terminal.
We also said above, PMGO after returning to Japan, but did not like the pokemon go candy crazy countries like Europe and America, in the game on the line after one week let a bestseller throne, and the user usage also appeared more obvious decline, but even so, for the first month in Japan still achieved 12 million downloads.
Game on the line in the first week after Japan, the most obvious is the 15 to 19 year-olds layer churn situation is more serious, according to a report released intage this age pokemon go candy layer user usage declined by about 5 percentage points.
Even so, Pokemon GO in Japan still can not shake the status of marbles and Long-visible new Game Challenge the old version of the game still there are some disadvantages!
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