The AMD Radeon™ R9 295X2 graphics card. It's too fast.
System Requirements, 2014. April 08., video
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darkvoid avatar
4 years ago | 2014. 04. 10. 18:19:52
@tomcat3 yer there were a lot of different price mentions $1300 or $1500 thats what i heard also
tomcat3 avatar
4 years ago | 2014. 04. 10. 18:14:41
i heard it costs around $1500
darkvoid avatar
4 years ago | 2014. 04. 10. 18:05:06
i heard it costs around $1300. cheaper at least than a Titan Z for $3000. But anyways i think for most people including me this is too much money too sped on a graphics card better buy a new system and time goes by fast so whats today new is tomorrow already old so in my eyes its not worth the money. its simply put 2 R9 290X together and you have the R9 295X its suitable for 4k resolution and its also watercooled and i heard you need a 1000 watts PSU and the Tdp is 500 watts alone for the card. It was said that maybe it needs only 375 watts but i doubt that really being the case
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