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About the site in brief

Our Hungarian site started at the end of 2007. In the beginning it functioned as a database of PC games' system requirements. However, owing to the lots of visitors, members and active users, the site grew into a community site., the English version of the Hungarian site, started in 2009. Later we set up a lite version, which now is available in 12 languages.

Content statistics

Number of games:5 670
Number of members:217 000
Number of members' devices:196 100
Number of comments:2,3 million
News, videos:15 500
Forum threads:830
Developers and publishers:3 170
Game reviews written by users:1 020
Brief reviews:2 200
Ratings:669 000
Number of won prizes:1 000
GPUs:2 340
Images uploaded:8 810
Private messages sent:360 600
Updated: 2018-08-10


MoonW: Administrator, editor
Viki: Editor

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