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I have more videocards in my PC. Where am I supposed to set it?

If you use two or more videocards in SLI or Crossfire modes, you can set it in the section SLI/CF.

What does the abbreviation SRI stand for?

SRI (System Requirements Index) is a kind of number which shows off the height of the games' system requirements. Therefore it helps rank the games and serves as a basis to compare them. The SRI is being calculated on the basis of CPU and GPU benchmark results and the size of RAM and VRAM.

The first half of the SRI number shows the height of the minimum, the second half shows the height of the recommended system requirements: min/req

At present 100 SRI approximately corresponds to the following:
i7-7700k, GTX 1070, 16 GB RAM and 6 GB VRAM

I don't find a component in the list. What could be the problem?

Try to search by exact model number. For example: i5-6600k, A8-8650, GTX 1060, RX 580, etc.
If you don't have a DESKTOP or MOBILE (notebook or laptop) GPU or CPU, you will find the answer below.

Some CPU and GPU series are missing on the list. Why?

You can find DESKTOP, MOBILE GPUs and CPUs in the component list. Unfortunately, owing to the missing benchmark results, EMBED and SERVER CPUs, WORKSTATION GPUs cannot be found on the list.

There's much talk about torrent. Is it allowed to talk about it?

Sharing or asking for warez is not allowed on the site. Since talking about warez is not connected closely with a game's topic, it can be regarded as an off topic and we may delete these comments. Our site doesn't support warez. Anyway, we believe that anyone can use search engines to find these links.

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