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By registering, you are agreeing to Terms of Use. We moderate or remove contents that violate the Terms of Use. The site's owner will not be responsible for contents produced and shared by users.

1. General Rules

* Help other members! is a community site and works the most if we share the information with each other. Be patient! Be nice with new members and the beginner PC users.

* Behaving aggressively, abusing and threatening is prohibited! warn ban

* Sharing vulgar, unprintable words and phrases is not allowed. warn ban

* Sharing contents which are provocative and inappropriate for a community site is prohibited. warn ban

* Sharing adult material and images that contain nudity is not allowed. Sharing the following is also prohibited: strategically covered nudity, sheer clothing, obscene or provocative poses and close shots that contain female nipples, bottoms and loins. warn ban

* Sharing contents which are extremist, religious, ideological or insulting for people is prohibited. warn ban

* Spamming or advertising is prohibited. Unambigously business advertisements may be removed without notice. Any form of commercial advertisement is prohibited. warn ban

* Sharing or asking for warez is not allowed warn ban
- Your comment may not include links to warez, crack and torrent sites, neither their names nor a torrent release name and a warez group's name.
- Your comment may not include any help how to use the crack not even by means of text, link, image or video.

* Posting a spoiler without Spoiler BB code is not allowed. Because it can reveal details about gameplay and hereby it may influence the gaming experience. warn ban

Comments containing spoiler BB code for no reason will be deleted.

* Revealing a user's personal information is prohibited. (for example name, domicile, telephone number) warn ban

* Advertising other websites which deal with system requirements is not allowed. warn ban

* If you discover that a user violates the Terms of Use seriously or continuously, please notify the main administrator! Please entrust the moderation to the moderators!

2. Profile and User Content


* The username can have a minimum of 3 characters and a maximum of 19 characters.

* The username cannot contain: ban
- vulgar, unprintable words and phrases
- website name or link, email address
- it cannot be deceptive (for example, admin, moderator, sysop, and the like)
- insulting, provocative words and phrases, politician, celebrity names and the variations of them

* After registering and/or changing the username, it can be changed again after one year.

Profile data

* Filling out the profile form with pointless, unnecessary data is prohibited. If you do not want to give information about you, just leave it empty.

* The user is responsible for the authenticity and timeliness of email address given. If your email address changes after registering, you have to correct it (for instance, if you forget your password, you will not be able to ask for a new one).

* The site's owner is not responsible for username and/or password lost by a user.

* After a month we can delete the profile of a user who registered but never logged in. We may notify the user via email who has not logged in for 6 months. We can delete the profile and contents that belong to a user who has not logged in more than 3 years.

* We fulfil the deletion within the next 72 hours following the request. By deleting the profile, all the user contents that belong to the profile will be deleted permanently.

* Do not use other member's avatar! (In the case of same avatars, please try to agree.)

* The member will be unblocked within 72 hours after the withdrawal.

* The administrator can check the messages reported offending.

* ÚJ!!!!

* Anyone filling out the device's data does so on their own responsibility. The user is responsible for the data given. Results of comparison are approximate. The site's owner will not be responsible for the results received.

3. Forum and Comment Rules

* Comments less than 12 hours old cannot be edited but deleted. The comment can have a maximum of 5000 characters.

* Certain forum threads have special rules. Please take them into consideration when you post your comment.

* Please pay attention to post your comment in the appropriate thread.

* Do not post comment repeatedly. We may remove empty posts or doubly posted comments. Do not crossposting, thus write your question in the appropriate forum thread.

* Please try to avoid using links. Instead of it use Copy (Ctrl+C) - Paste (Ctrl+V)!

* Do not quote repeatedly.

* Try to avoid using one word comments or comments containing only smilies. We can delete comments containing less than 3 characters.

* Do not write in capital letters because it means you shout. (Flame) Do not use too much question mark (?) or exclamation mark (!).

* Do not post off-topic content. We can remove these posts.

* We may delete comments containing image larger than 2 MB.

* We can delete post concerning number of the comment.

* We delete comments related to ad blocking.

* If the source of contents embedded in your comment was deleted (for example, image, video), we would remove your post. Please, in this case delete your post.

* Your post cannot include references of URL shorter or hider sites.

* We remove comments containing glaring unprintable word and phrases.

* We may remove comments containing BB codes used wrongly. We can make an attempt to restore BB codes and links used wrongly.

* The comments are censored automatically. We substitute the undesirable contents and expressions for ***. Comments cheating automatic censor will be deleted.

* Video series can only be embedded in YouTube playlist.

Forum threads

* Start a new thread if and only if there is no such a thread in the forum yet. If it already exists, then the new one will be deleted.

* Give a concise, accurate thread title. Choose a title appropriate to the content of the thread. We can rename the title of the thread.

* The thread will be deleted if the content of the thread does not fit in with the site's profile or it contains peculiar views in which the site does not take sides or it does not require a different forum thread.

4. User points, levels

* Point values for different actions:
Login per day: 5 points
Posting a comment: 1 point
Filling out profile: 55 points (max)
Marking 2 games: 1 point
Marking 2 friends: 1 point
5 ratings: 1 point
Writing a brief review: 3 points
Submitting game review: 40 points
Adding device: 10 points
Offering prize: 25 points maximium (5 points per 50 participants. A maximum of 500 points in the case of more prizes.)
Uploading image: 5 points
Purchasing T-shirt: 200 points
Purchasing from Gépigény Webshop per 500 HUF: 1 point
Warning: -1000 points

* Levels and points:

1. level: 0 - 200 points
2. level: 200 - 300 points
3. level: 300 - 400 points
4. level: 400 - 500 points

* The points are refreshed at 20 minutes intervals in the Progression section. The points are calculated on the basis of the system's current contents. For instance, if a forum thread is deleted in which there were some of your comments, these will be deleted, as well. So, your points decrease as much as that.

5. Moderation

* Ignoring the warning received or provoking it will result in a ban. ban

* The user who violates the Terms of Use seriously or number of warnings reaches 4 will be banned or the user's profile will be deleted. The new profile of a user who is banned and registered again will be banned immediately. ban

* The warning will lapse after 20 days.

* You cannot post comment for 30 minutes after the warning came into force.

* The users may moderate the comments that belong to the contents created by oneself.

* There is also a communal moderation on the site which is available for users at a minimum level of 20.
A reported comment will be hidden if it is reported by 5 users.
The reported profile will be suspended if it is reported by 10 users.
Comments and profiles moderated temporarily by the community will be reviewed in each case.

Recommended Reading: Netiquette

Special rules can refer to certain parts of the site which are indicated on the given parts.

Signs and abbreviations:

warn - Committing a violation which is marked by this sign will result in a warning
ban - Committing a violation which is marked by this sign will result in a ban

We always publish news on the changes of Terms of Use.

2018. October 12.
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