CoD: Modern Warfare Remastered kicks off St. Patrick's Day event
by SamX, 2017. March 14., news

Activision has officially announced the launch of "Operation: Shamrock & Awe", an event to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. It's starting today and running through to 12:01AM PDT on April 3, 2017. During this event, there will be free weekly supply drops, a new map, 2 unlockable weapon camos, new playable character and more.

The free supply drops will be available only for 1 week, so if you don't claim them in time, they're gone for good. There will also be supply drops scattered throughout the map to collect.
The new free map is called "Daybreak". It's a modified version of the map "Downpour" and (because it's St. Patrick's Day) it features a lot of green decor. It'll be free but only available during Operation: Shamrock & Awe.

As for the new playable character, here's the official description:

"As part of Operation: Shamrock & Awe, three new themed collections will provide you with St. Patrick’s Day theme reticles, camos, calling cards, and emblems. Each set will also include a bounty for completing the set: assemble the “Luck” collection to earn a new character, “Leprechaun” rewards you with a Shillelagh melee weapon, and “Pot o’ Gold” gives you a unique calling card worth fightin’ for.
But that’s not all. If you craft or unlock all three themed collections, you’ll also unlock Darren “Graves” Cosgrave as a playable character for the first time ever!"

Darren “Graves” Cosgrave will be unlockable only during this event but if you manage to unlock him, you get to keep him.

You can read the full announcement here.

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