For Honor season 3 detailed
by SamX, 2017. August 03., news

Ubisoft announced another season for its medieval fighting game, For Honor. This makes three of them. The 3rd season is titled "Grudge and Glory" and it introduces two new heroes, two new maps, new gears and more. It begins on August 15. Take a look at the trailer below to get a taste of what's in store:

The new heroes are called the "Gladiator" and the "Highlander". Below are the official descriptions of their fighting styles.

Highlander: "Highlanders wield massive claymores, which boast more weight and reach than any other sword, and they can switch between two different fighting styles: defensive, which makes them formidable counter-attackers; and offensive, which enables them to use far deadlier attacks, but prevents them from blocking."

Gladiator: "Gladiators, meanwhile, wear little armor and carry a trident and shield into battle. They're very agile, with a bigger stamina meter and faster cooldown times than other Heroes, and can punch enemies to set them up for stuns and attacks."

Both heroes are free for season pass holders right from the start. While other players will have to pay 15 000 "Steel" (in-game currency) in order to unlock them.
But the new maps and gameplay updates will be free for all players from the very beginning.

The two new maps are called "Sentinel" and "Viking Village". Details on these maps are currently thin. We only know that there will be "deadly new environmental hazards", with Ballista and barrels.
Other features of season 3 include a whole new legendary gear rarity, reputation cap raise to 40 and many gameplay tweaks and adjustments to the fighting mechanisms.

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