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Jelenlegi (Desktop PC)

Processor:Intel core i3 6100 3,7 Ghz
Memory:2x4 GB samsung ddr4
Videocard:Asus r7 265 2gb
Op. system:Windows 10 professional 64 bit
Motherboard:ASROCK H110M-HDS
Store device:Samsung 500Gb + Western Digital 1Tb
Optical driver:LG
PC Case:Zalman R1
Power supply:FSP Hexa 500w
Monitor:Phlips 243V
Keyboard:mode com
Mouse:Logitech G102
Others:Videoton dc 2580 60/80W-os hangfalpár + videoton ra 6360-s 2x25W erősítő
Changelog:2017.01.06 gigabyte radeon hd 4670 512mb -> Asus r7 265 2017.05.05 noname 500w táp-> fsp hexa 500w táp, + samsung 500Gb HDD + (2018.09) 1Tb Western Digital
In use:2016. 12. -
Refreshed: 2019. 05. 31.
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