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Dávid (Leho)
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Mostani gépem (Desktop PC)

Processor:Intel Core i5-4460
Memory:Kingmax DDR3 1333MHz
Videocard:Gigabyte Geforce GTX 960
Op. system:Windows 10 64 bit
Motherboard:Gigabyte B85M-D3H
Store device:Western Digital 1TB+Seagate 320GB
Soundcard:Realtek HD
Optical driver:LG GH24NS70RBB SATA OEM
PC Case:Dana Premium
Power supply:Corsair CX430
Monitor:Technika 20" 904A LED HDR SS14
Keyboard:Genius KB-G200
Mouse:Modecom MC-MX
In use:2016. 06. -
Refreshed: 2019. 05. 25.
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