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Comments: 35
sakif avatar
2014. 12. 04. 15:51:13 #
Thank you all for this. Recently i fix this problem:) I don't know how but i deleted almost all files bcuz i found a lot viruses:o My panda can't fix any virus:( only can remove filesXD
dom1da avatar
2014. 12. 02. 18:14:51 #
it is very unlikely that you got a virus on your phone.
the Samsung Galaxy S Duos is a very basic android smartphone sadly it is not made for performance.
Adityasingh18 avatar
2014. 12. 02. 03:50:17 #
Yes,uninatall Facebook app bcoz it use much ram.
sakif avatar
2014. 12. 01. 15:16:40 #
Does virus make my phone slow to that level?
I use internet a lot.
Adityasingh18 avatar
2014. 12. 01. 06:54:52 #
#sakif reset phone and install android update
terminators avatar
2014. 11. 30. 12:08:25 #
sakif@ 1. Disable all animations
2. Install clean master and clean junk files and boost app in google play
3. Still get extreme slow phone, just do factory reset.....
sj king gamer avatar
2014. 11. 29. 10:18:42 #
try this clean master installe it and boost your ram
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 15. 16:43:21 #
I tried to find-out my problems, but alas. I failed. Can anyone detect my problem.
My phone: samsung galaxy s duos
problems: extreme slow. Totally unable to use. But there is no reason. I have enough space free, not so much app installed. It became more slower overtime:(;-( My phone is new;-(
dom1da avatar
2014. 11. 14. 11:13:56 #
your phone runs android 4.0.4 {ice cream sandwich} t is unlikely to be upgraded any more from samsung.

your only option is to put a custom version of android on your phone. i have never put one on my phones in the past so i would not know how to do this. your best option is to look on the internet to find the information
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 14. 02:28:00 #
Can i upgrade my android 3 to 5.0? I have ***ing galaxy s duos
dom1da avatar
2014. 11. 13. 17:16:56 #
just upgraded to Android 5.0 (Lolipop) on my LG/Google Nexus 5. very cool
Adityasingh18 avatar
2014. 11. 11. 16:43:39 #
Who say that windows phone won't hang:P
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 11. 15:39:49 #
My father bought this phone
Jackie33 avatar
2014. 11. 11. 08:48:04 #
I told Sakif to buy nokia lumia. But he didn't obey meX-(
Adityasingh18 avatar
2014. 11. 10. 04:24:39 #
You're welcome:)
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 09. 23:45:23 #
:D:D:D:Dthanks adi:D:D
Adityasingh18 avatar
2014. 11. 09. 16:18:00 #
#sakif you can't install windows but there are many themes that turn your phone look like windows phone.

Use these app

Easy uninstaller

FMR memory cleaner


Startup manager
dom1da avatar
2014. 11. 08. 15:37:05 #
no it can't run windows.

rooting is the only way to fully control your phone

i have never done it so i can't help. maybe some else can
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 08. 15:03:57 #
Only Running apps consume ram space. Maximum apps are installed in phone and hidden thats why i can't move them:(
anyway, can i install windows mobile on my ***ing galaxy s duos;-(
if no;-( is there any app to control full phone?
Adityasingh18 avatar
2014. 11. 07. 14:20:38 #
if you install lots of apps then you need more ram otherwise
your phone will hang
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 07. 13:15:52 #
Thanks you all,
android is very hard to manage:(every app installs in phone memory which make phone slow:(sucksX-(my friend play this game in a nokia lumia that costs less than me!!!:o
sj king gamer avatar
2014. 11. 07. 10:33:04 #
search this (need for speed apk+data)
then download the files and install apk then place data files in this directory
\sdcard\android\obb\com.gameloft(this is your data file)
after then you can play it
Adityasingh18 avatar
2014. 11. 07. 09:02:21 #
okay,it is not full game you need you download files,
it just apk file,search on google for full game(apk+cache)
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 07. 08:13:02 #
@aditta i download it from by searching with my phone nameX-(
sj king gamer avatar
2014. 11. 06. 15:50:50 #
if it is a samsung phone it may not save your obb data in micro sd card so it use your phone internal storage, as you can see you have only 1.8 gb of usable storage so you are not able to play this game on your device ,but if you want to play you have to root your phone so you can change your external storage to internal or you can go for another racing games like Asphalt8 ,real racing etc
Adityasingh18 avatar
2014. 11. 06. 14:18:09 #
from where you download it?
dom1da avatar
2014. 11. 05. 09:50:29 #
you need to download a file manager from google play to find the file

4 GB of internal storage but 1.8 GB is usable by you. the other part is used by the operating system
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 05. 06:24:33 #
it is saying i have 0 MB free but it is impossible. i can't find the game location and that's why i can't able to move it to SD card:^)
sj king gamer avatar
2014. 11. 04. 16:02:29 #
no man it is not the RAM problem this game need 2gb of storage memory to download obb data for running the game
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 04. 05:46:03 #
This phone is bought by my father who has a lack of knowledge about hardware

can you recommend me a btr racing game for me
dom1da avatar
2014. 11. 03. 10:09:55 #
very odd that they would offer a game that does not work on that model of phone. must be a glitch in there system is the only answer i can come up with.

there are very few android phones and tablets that have 2GB or more ram at the moment.
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 02. 02:22:41 #
i find this on by searching with my phone model
File size 9mb after install it became 22mb
bvinayak95 avatar
2014. 11. 01. 22:10:56 #
@sakif what is the size of game that u hve dwnladed????
dom1da avatar
2014. 11. 01. 20:08:31 #
your phone has 768 MB RAM so nfs most wanted will in not work on your phone
here is your phones spec
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 01. 16:40:36 #
My phone is samsung galaxy s duos.
I downloaded nfs most wanted and installed it. But when i tried to run, it says 'it need 2048 mb memory but i have 0mb'???:o
i don't know why. I have 0mb its totally impossible. If it is ram i remove all running apps and try this:( no way it runs. I am so weak on android:(:(:(
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