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Radeon R9 FURY X
Series:Rx 300
Codename:Fiji XT
Architecture:GCN 1.2
Release date:2015. June 24.
Die count:1
Die size:596 mm2
Fab:28 nm
Transistors:8900 millions
Bus interface:PCI-E 3.0 x16
Radeon R9 FURY X
Radeon R9 FURY X
Clock rates
Core clock:1050 MHz
Memory clock:500 MHz
Memory size:4096 MB
Memory bus type:
Memory bus width:4096 bit
Memory bandwidth (maximum):512 GB/s
Core units
Unified shader units:
(Stream processors)
Texture mapping units (TMU):
Render output units (ROP):64
Compute units:64
Pixel fillrate:67.2 (GP/s)
Texture fillrate:
269 (GT/s)
Single Precision (peak):8602 GFLOPS
Double Precision (peak):537.6 GFLOPS
Supported Technologies:
Pixel shader:
Virtual Super Resolution (Vsr), Amd Freesync Technology, Amd Liquidvr Technology, 4k Resolution Support, Frame Rate Target Control (Frtc), Ddma Audio, AMD CrossFire, AMD TrueAudio, Vulcan API
Thermal Design Power (TDP,Max):275 W
Energy efficiency:
- Single Precision / TDP:31.28 GFLOPS/W
- Double Precision / TDP:1.95 GFLOPS/W
Release price (USD):650 USD
Performance/price ratio:13.23 GFLOPS/$
10 / 10
Recommended CPUs:
Core i7-6950X
Core i7-6900K
Core i7-5960X
Core i7-6850K
Core i7-6800K
Core i7-4960X
Core i7-5930K
Core i7-3970X
Core i7-4930K
Core i7-5820K
Core i7-7700K
Core i7-3960X
Core i7-3930K
Core i7-6700K
Core i7-5775R
Ryzen 7 1800X
Core i7-4790K
Core i7-5775C
Core i7-7700
Core i7-4770R
Core i7-6700
Core i7-3820
Core i7-4790S
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Comments: 2
Gamer A avatar
2016. 05. 28. 02:50:48
now there is rival of this GPU its called gtx 1080 and 1070 so they should beat it.
evilstig avatar
2016. 03. 03. 07:00:48
I have one of these and I can tell you I play every game on Ultra running 5760x1080 resolution through eyeinfinity. Thats over 3K.

You can't beat it!
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