Radeon RX Vega
GPU data are incomplete.
Series:Rx 500
Codename:Greenland XT
Architecture:GCN 1.3
Release date:2017. Q2
Die count:1
Fab:14 nm
Bus interface:PCI-E 3.0 x16
Clock rates
Core clock:1000 MHz
Core clock (Boost):1200 MHz
Memory clock:1000 MHz
Effective memory clock (DDR):2000 MHz
Memory size:8192 MB
Memory bus type:HBM2
Memory bus width:2048 bit
Memory bandwidth (maximum):512 GB/s
Core units
Unified shader units:
(Stream processors)
Texture mapping units (TMU):256
Render output units (ROP):64
Compute units:64
Pixel fillrate:76.8 (GP/s)
Texture fillrate:307.2 (GT/s)
Single Precision (peak):9830 GFLOPS
Supported Technologies:
Pixel shader:5.0OpenCL:2.1
Thermal Design Power (TDP,Max):225 W
Energy efficiency:
- Single Precision / TDP:43.69 GFLOPS/W
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Comments: 3
Connor18 avatar
55 days ago | 2017. 04. 01. 16:24:28
It's 1 TB
tebona96 avatar
7 months ago | 2016. 10. 23. 00:11:10
Memory bandwith is around 430 GB/s unofficially
SamX avatar
8 months ago | 2016. 09. 18. 22:20:30
What the hell!? Maximum memory bandwith is 999.999GB/!!?