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3 years ago | 2015. 01. 13. 20:00:58
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@austineking You can't run it even on low , video card is to weak. You need a minimum GTX 460 to reach the Low playable. I laucheg a lot when i saw " Low to med" wtf wuuutttt what de *** dudeeee wuuuuutttttttt.. GeForce 210 CAN'T ENTER this game , so it's impossible to play because the lack of shader 5.0...GF 210 have 4.1 .

@Aleksa Low but i'm not sure you'll be able to run it smooth.

My comment:
Adrian98765@ Okay, i was wrong, but aleksa.....austineking have better PC and you think aleksa can run this game on low....LOL
Are you planning to exchange your CPU for an AMD Ryzen processor?

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