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Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Game Review
by MuneebSalman1999, 2013. September 28., game review
Game: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare is one of the most famous military first person shooting game released in 2007.

Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare is the first installment of world famous MW series which is considered as the most demanding and most famous military first person shooting game. It was released on 5th October 2007.

According to it is the most played game. Its graphics are good enough for today gaming and were outstanding on the time of its release (In 2007). It doesn't require a very high value PC so it is played by everyone.

It has a great storyline, gameplay and multiplayer gameplay. Although it's an old game but its multiplayer is still played by thousands of players all around the globe. In singleplayer campaign the game feature terrible and clever enemies like Khaled-Al-Asad & Imran Zakhaev as well as loyal friends like Sargent Griggs, Lieutenant Vasquez, Sargent Kamarov and S.A.S unit Gaz.

(Spoiler starts here)
The game starts with player playing as Sargent John Soap Mactavish who is recently recruited in S.A.S and is going to join a squad in command of Captain John Price to go to his first operation in a Cargo Ship where they found a secret information. After that the player plays as President of Middle-East Al-Fulani (which is not really playing with him as everything goes automatically). In this stage the rebel terrorists catch Al-Fulani and Khaled-Al-Asad kills Al-Fulani live on nation tv of middle-east. The player then plays again as Sargent Mactavish rescuing an informer 'Nikolai' in Russia. After that the player plays as Sargent Paul Jackson of US Marine Corps as U.S attacks Middle-East due to the murder of Al-Fulani. The U.S Marines when go to Al-Asad safe house found that there is a neuclear weapon in Al-Asad safe house and in the meantime Nuclear bomb explodes due to which thousands of marines lose their lives. All the other game then goes chasing the Al-Asad and after successfully capturing Al-Asad Captian Price finds out that he works for another terrorist Imran Zakhaev. After hearing that Captain Price kills Al-Asad with anger and tell his squad that 15 years ago when he was lieutenant the British government issued 1st assassination mission since world war 2. In that mission Captain Price (Lieutenant Price at that time) was under the command of Captain MacMillan finally assassinate Imran Zakhaev (But zakhaev survives somehow) and escape away. After that Captain Price and his squad go to capture the son of Imran Zakhaev but he got killed at last. As a result Imran Zakhaev launches two neuclear missles. One to the America and one to the UK. The player has to stop and destroy the nukes in air then and on the way back the squad encounters Imran Zakhaev with his two bodygaurds. Zakhaev kills Gaz and Sargent Griggs and Captain Price gives his M1911 pistol to player (Soap) and he kills Imran Zakhaev. This is where the game ends.
(Spoiler ends here)

The game has great graphics and outstanding storyline with excellent gameplay. Its story is still most famous and played by millions of people. In my opinion, every gamer has to play this excellent game as it does not require any high-end PC. There is no gaming without playing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Series :). At last I will show a screenshot so the viewer can see something about the game. This screenshot is taken from multiplayer of the game played by myself :).

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Comments: 19
no avatar
1 year ago | 2016. 08. 30. 12:22:37
Why spoler anything on you rewiews?
NexusRider161 avatar
1 year ago | 2015. 10. 09. 06:11:00


The first three CoD games were based on WWII

The same could be said of the fifth game, called World at War, which is (in)famous for introducing Zombie mode to the CoD franchise

What rock have you been living under for the past 12 years?
no avatar
2 years ago | 2015. 08. 16. 22:09:03
One of the best PC games of all time!
iGhosT avatar
3 years ago | 2014. 09. 02. 05:31:12
thumbs up for COD:D
Talha99 avatar
3 years ago | 2014. 09. 01. 15:55:30
yes infact all games of call of duty series is awesome ever in the gamers world ... no any game compete call of duty series in this generation ... are you agree with me.. I love call of duty series and i am still playing call of duty 4 ... ♣
TheCh0senOne avatar
3 years ago | 2013. 10. 12. 18:15:29
Nice one I wait for more games!
MuneebSalman1999 avatar
3 years ago | 2013. 10. 12. 15:51:04
yes i have submitted MW3's review 4 days ago but it's not submitted yet. I hope it will be submitted tomorrow.
Simon_Riley avatar
3 years ago | 2013. 10. 12. 15:35:49
next is MW3 .. right mate ?
MuneebSalman1999 avatar
3 years ago | 2013. 10. 06. 03:32:06
i have submitted MW2's review 2 days ago but it's not shown yet. it takes some time to submit it to website :D.
Bosse90 avatar
3 years ago | 2013. 10. 06. 00:00:20
Hey MuneebSalman1999,can you post other game review.PLEASE:(:(:(:(:(
OnePiece_fan avatar
3 years ago | 2013. 10. 05. 17:23:51
nice one
Haseo79 avatar
3 years ago | 2013. 10. 04. 13:33:36
Pure awesome game
no avatar
3 years ago | 2013. 10. 01. 13:04:31
This game was the best pc game i ever played!
lazarus avatar
3 years ago | 2013. 09. 28. 14:36:26
Nice job dude :?
sujith s avatar
3 years ago | 2013. 09. 28. 13:39:32
nice review:D
MuneebSalman1999 avatar
3 years ago | 2013. 09. 28. 13:37:28
thanks :D.
Bosse90 avatar
3 years ago | 2013. 09. 28. 13:11:41
Awesome Bro
MuneebSalman1999 avatar
3 years ago | 2013. 09. 28. 09:48:50
thanks my friend :). i will soon post others also :).
hackerDON avatar
3 years ago | 2013. 09. 28. 08:36:40
Great review bro !!!!!!
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