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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Review
by MuneebSalman1999, 2013. October 08., game review
Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Second installment of the most famous first person shooter Series by Infinity Ward. According to the storyline it\'s the most important and the best installment of the series. It was released in 2009 and is still one of the most famous FPS games.

Second installment of the most famous first person military shooting game released at November, 10, 2009 by Infinity Ward. It's the most important part of the game according to the storyline. This installment has great features and excellent story line. The features are very impressive like thermal scopes, heartbeat sensors, UAV Drones and many more. The story features friends like Ghost, Captain Mactavish, Sargent Folley, Corporal Dunn & treacherous enemies like Vladmir Makarov and Lieutenant General Shepherd.

---Spoiler starts here---
The story starts as the player playing with U.S. Army Ranger Unit Private. Joseph Allen who is in a U.S. Army camp in Afghanistan giving a shooting trail to Lieutenant General Shepherd for a special operation, in the meantime the camp is attacked and they go out to fight the terrorists. After completing that mission, Joseph Allen is reassigned as a member of Central Intelligence Agency and becomes and unit of Taskforce 141 of General Shepherd and he discovers about the rest of team. Shepherd tells him that they are on a special mission recovering the ACS Module. The player then plays as Sargent Gary Roach Sanderson and is on a mission with Captain John Soap Mactavish they recover the ACS Module and escape away. After that the player plays as Joseph Allen who goes on an undercover mission and names as Alexei Borodin to become a friend with Makarov and to win his trust he does a massacre on Zakhaev International Airport in Moscow. Meanwhile before escaping, Makarov kills Alexei Borodin by somehow knowing that he is Joseph Allen, a member of CIA. When the Russian forces find the dead body of an American they think that it were Americans who did Massacre in Airport and thus attacks America for this Massacre. The player then again plays as Sargent Gary Roach and goes to Rio De Jenario, Brazil to capture Makarov's weapon supplier Alejandro Rojas and catch him there. The player then plays as U.S. Army Ranger unit Private James Ramirez and goes on a mission then the game goes on playing as Sargent Gary Roach and Private James Ramirez. They Taskforce 141 escapes from Rio de Jenario and goes to The Gulag, a jail in Russia to capture the Prisoner No.627 about which Alejandro Rojas told them that Makarov hates him more than America and he is the reason of his war. The team first destroys 4 oil machines in the sea as the Russians were using them as SAM Sites. The team then advances to the gulag and finds out Prisoner 627. Upon reaching him, Captain Mactavish finds out that Prisoner No. 627 is Captain John Price, his captain in S.A.S. He gives Captain Price the pistol he used to kill Imran Zakhaev given by Price. The player then again plays as James Ramirez and is in war against Russians in Washington DC. The whole Washington DC is destroyed and they keep on fighting. Again as Roach the player goes to the Russian submarines where they were ready to fire the Nuclear weapons. As the Taskforce reach the submarine a Nuclear Missile is launched to Washington DC. Then again as James Ramirez player continues the war in the meantime the Nuclear Missile blasts in the air and the whole city gets destroyed. All the communications are lost. The Rangers then secure the remaining of White House. General Shepherd then in a ground base with Elite Generals of America tells them that there are only two places where Makarov can hide, The Georgian-Russian Border and Afghanistan. And splits taskforce into two parts one in command of Ghost & Sargent Roach goes to Georgian-Russian border and Captain Mactavish & Captain Price goes to Afghanistan. Sargent Roach with Ghost then get important information from the operation and come back to Shepherd. Shepherd kills them at the spot and get the information from them. Captain Price and Soap upon learning that go to Shepherd's underground base and chase him and at last Captain John Soap Mactavish & Captain Price kill him. Their friend Nikolai come there and get the soup out of there. At that spot the game ends.
---Spoiler ends here---

In my opinion, this really is the best first person shooter ever and it also has the most important storyline of the game. It's a really fantastic series and my favorite first person shooter game so I will again say that every gamer has to really play this game series as this is the best first person military game according to the storyline. At last I will show the viewers an image of General Shepherd burning the dead bodies of Sargent Gary Roach and Ghost.

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Comments: 11
no avatar
1 year ago | 2016. 08. 30. 12:22:21
Why spoler anything on you rewiews?
iGhosT avatar
3 years ago | 2014. 05. 30. 12:46:31
cod 6 is more awesome than any other cod gameB-)
no avatar
3 years ago | 2014. 02. 19. 19:53:35
very good review @MuneebSalman1999 but for the record it wasn't a nuclear missile it was somehow an AMP that causes to stop all the communication. I'm pretty sure bcz I played it a lot.
no avatar
4 years ago | 2014. 01. 07. 15:45:07
I'm playing Call of duty 4, and it's a great game. All I can see I will play this after finishing the first one.
Simon_Riley avatar
4 years ago | 2013. 10. 12. 15:28:42
keep up the good job mate. :D
sujith s avatar
4 years ago | 2013. 10. 10. 11:25:05
simply awsome!!!!:):DXD

well doneB-)B-);)
MuneebSalman1999 avatar
4 years ago | 2013. 10. 09. 17:40:35
thanks muhammadibrahim :).
muhammadibrahim avatar
4 years ago | 2013. 10. 09. 16:22:00
omg its so awsome man
MuneebSalman1999 avatar
4 years ago | 2013. 10. 08. 13:43:03
haha. I am not that good :P. I am just beginner. I have also submitted a review for MW3 it will be published after 3-4 days :).
Bosse90 avatar
4 years ago | 2013. 10. 08. 13:40:50
MuneebSalman1999 you have become game review legend.
awesome job bro,keep it up!!
hackerDON avatar
4 years ago | 2013. 10. 08. 11:41:24
Nicely done Bro keep it up !
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