Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter
Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter
Release Date: 2009. November 24. (PC)
Sys. Reqs.: Very low (3/-)
Popularity: ~1700# ■
Reviews: Very positive (9.1)
Genre: Action, FPS
Developer: Croteam
Publisher: Devolver Digital
iThere are only official system requirements on the site which are released by developers or an official publisher.
Minimum system requirements:
Intel Pentium 4 3+ Ghz or AMD Athlon64 3500+
1 GB
nVidia GeForce 7600, ATI Radeon X1600 (Shader Model 3.0 Highly Recommended)
DirectX 9.0c August 2009 Edition or newer
Windows XP w/SP1 or newer
Compare the system requirements with a configuration added by you.
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Comments: 2
Paulica99 avatar
6 years ago | 2014. 12. 06. 07:42:01
Good plain.
wierd_wolf avatar
6 years ago | 2014. 06. 27. 11:30:25
Veni, vidi, sagittarium

I came, I saw, I shot it.

Plain and simple.
Its moving, shoot it.
Its shooting at you, shoot it.
It made a noise, shoot it.
You shot it, shoot it again.

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