Create giveaway

* At present the administrator is only able to create giveaways on behalf of the sponsors.

Please provide us with the following information to create the giveaway:
- The accurate and full name of the prize
- Game's platform (Steam / Origin / Uplay etc.)
- How long should the giveaway take? (3 days - 90 days)
- Needed profile level (1-10)
- You can leave a message (1-2 sentences) if you want to
- Please send us the gift key or link, and we will automatically send it over to the winner

* You can easily contact us in the menu point 'Contact'.

* You will get points after closing the giveaways depending on the number of the participants.

* We can only accept keys that won't be expired for at least 18 days. (A giveaway is running for at least 3 days + the winner can redeem the key for 15 days)

* You cannot offer keys which are:
- Free, giveaway or promotional keys (because they can be obtained by anyone)
- Beta or test keys
- Trial keys

* Obtained keys cannot be offered again.

Thank you for your offer.


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