Bethesda partners with AMD
by SamX, 2017. March 02., news

Arguably the most interesting thing that happened in AMD's Capsaicin & Cream live event is the announcement of AMD-Bethesda partnership. It is a "multi-game partnership" that aims to bring "unprecedented performance" to Bethesda's future games. Bethesda tweeted on this, saying:

"Excited to be working w/ @AMDGaming on a long-term strategic partnership that will produce unprecedented performance for our fans. #GDC2017" - Bethesda Softworks (@bethesda)

While AMD sees the deal like this: "Groundbreaking, multi-title strategic partnership brings the companies’ top talent together to speed pace of game technology development and leverage latest disruptions in CPU and GPU technology from AMD​".

The more detailed description in AMD's press release reads, "the multi-title agreement will see the two companies collaborate to develop and accelerate the implementation of new technologies, including the full potential of low-level APIs, such as Vulkan®, and the computing and graphics power of AMD Ryzen CPUs, Radeon™ GPUs, and AMD server solutions across existing Bethesda franchises."

We already have seen Bethesda implementing Vulkan into DOOM and that turned out pretty well. Basically, this time they'll try the same on more of their games and AMD will provide a helping hand. So if things go as planned, this deal could be beneficial for the Vulkan API.

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