Destiny 2 PC Beta goes live for everyone
by SamX, 2017. August 29., news

Destiny 2 PC beta early access began yesterday. It was accessible only to those who pre-ordered the game. But don't worry, Destiny 2 Open Beta goes live today on 1PM ET and is available to everyone. All you need is the app, get it from here.

The Beta consists of elements from three core experiences: the story campaign, CO-OP and competitive multiplayer. The Campaign mission is called "Homecoming", the Cooperative Strike mission we're getting is "The Inverted Spire" and the available competitive multiplayer modes are "Control" and "Countdown". Their official descriptions are below:

Control: "Capture and defend strategically placed zones to earn bonus points for each opponent you defeat. Holding additional zones increases your score bonus."

Countdown: "Live-fire Crucible training with captured Cabal explosives. Plant or defuse the bomb. Teams switch sides after each round. First team to six points wins the match."

But be warned, problems (somehow related to Saxophone) have been discovered. Bungie claims to be working actively to fix the issues.

The beta runs till August 31. And the full game launches on October 24, 2017.

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