Gabe Newell will be hosting a Reddit AMA tomorrow
by SamX, 2017. January 16., news

Valve CEO, Gabe Newell, has agreed for an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. He will be joining The Gaben subreddit on Tuesday the 17th, at 3:00PM PST/6:00PM ET. If you wonder how the AMA will be like, check these rules, they might give you a hint about what is going to happen.

1. Unspoken Number ban will be lifted, allowing people to ask any and all questions to him.
2. When the AMA starts, we will set the recommended sort to "New" for 15 minutes, so the best questions float to the top. After 15 minutes, we will restore the recommended sort to "Best".
3. The mod team will post a shortlist of questions the community is most likely to ask, and sticky the comment. (Questions that are listed there will still be allowed if the question is legitimate and non-circlejerky and follows the AMA rules.)

We will report back if anything interesting happens at the AMA.

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