Get Hollow Knight, Hitman, and 7 Days to Die in November's Humble Monthly

2018. October 05. | news | 0 hozzászólás

The Humble Monthly for November features Hollow Knight, Hitman, 7 Days to Die, and more to come. Subscribe for $12 and you immediately unlock them.

The Monthly Bundle for November offers over $144 in games for just $12. This time you get Hollow Knight, Hitman, and 7 Days to Die immediately and a batch of other games on November 2, when the bundle fully unlocks.

Grab Humble Monthly November here.

The November Humble Monthly includes the following:

Hollow Knight
7 Days to Die

+ Humble Trove: features 40 DRM-free titles

Hollow Knight
Hollow Knight
Hollow Knight
Release date: 2017. February 24. (PC)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Metroidvania
Developer: Team Cherry
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