G.Skill unveils Flare X and FORTIS series RAMs, designed for AMD Ryzen
by SamX, 2017. March 04., news

G.Skill recently announced its newest series of DDR4 memory kits, Flare X and FORTIS. Made especially for AMD's latest Ryzen architecture and AM4 platform. Flare X is made for enthusiasts, while the "cost effective" FORTIS is aimed at gamers. They're slated to release sometime this month.

G.Skill describes them like this:

Flare X Rises:
Designed for the latest AMD Ryzen processor, the Flare X series DDR4 memory kit marks the return of the legendary G.SKILL Flare series that provided awesome performance in the previous generation of DDR3 memory. Built with carefully selected IC chips specifically tested and validated on the AM4 platform, the Flare X series will provide the best compatibility and stability for systems with the AMD Ryzen CPU.

FORTIS for Gaming:
Designed for the best quality, reliability, and compatibility, the G.SKILL FORTIS series is the most ideal and cost effective DDR4 solution for building a performance AM4 gaming system.

At launch, both Flare X and FORTIS will be available in 2133MHz and 2400MHz variations, ranging from 16GB to 64GB. Flare X will also include high frequency kits of 3200MHz and 3466MHz. As of now, pricing scheme of these memory kits is unknown. But one thing is certain, Flare X will cost more than FORTIS.

This table may be helpful:

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