Road Redemption comes out of Early Access
by SamX, 2017. October 05., news

Do you remember Road Rash? The 90's arcade racer about motorcycles and ruthless riders? If you do, then Road Redemption will inevitably strike you with nostalgia. As the title suggests, "Road Redemption" is the spiritual successor of Road Rash. Based on the foundations and ideas of the original it tries its best to appeal to the modern audience.

Arguably the most interesting thing this game has but the original didn't, is procedurally generated levels. Meaning, randomized race tracks. Making each race a unique experience.
Online multiplayer and 4-player splitscreen co-op are also included in this game.

It was in Steam Early Access for some time. But as of October 4, 2017, Road Redemption is no longer in Early Access. It can now be purchased on Steam as a fully released game.

You can watch the release trailer below:

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