Ubisoft announced ATOMEGA
by SamX, 2017. September 14., news

A creative take on online multiplayer first-person shooter titled "ATOMEGA" has been announced by Ubisoft. It is being developed by Ubisoft Reflections, the same people who made Grow Home and Grow Up. But saying "being developed" shouldn't be right at the moment, because the game is releasing in just a week, on September 19.

ATOMEGA is a classic 8-player PvP arena shooter with some creative twists. It is set in the very end of time when the laws of physics are repealing and only one arena is left in the entire universe; enjoy your last moments by fighting in it.

Gameplay-wise speaking, each player controls an EXOFORM ("super advanced post-biological lifeforms" who are "masters of matter and energy"). Your goal is to collect "MASS" to evolve your EXOFORM through 7 stages, from a "nimble ATOM" to a "godlike OMEGA". Each form has its advantages and disadvantages. So expect some tactical layers to be involved, instead of simply running and gunning.

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