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Weapons Of Modern Warfare

by MuneebSalman1999, 2014. June 04., game review
Game: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

It is nescessary to know the basics of game before playing it. This guide gives the basic information about the multiplayer of Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Series are full of inspiring quotes specially in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 there are many inspiring quotes. In COD MW2 Lieutenant General Shepherd says that 'Learning to use the tools of modern warfare is the difference between prospering of your people and utter destruction'. Now let's reshape the quote for the gamers. For Gamers it must be 'Learning to use the tools of modern warfare is the difference between prospering of your game and utter destruction'.
So to play a prosperous game it is necessary to learn to use the tools of 'Modern Warfare'. Actually Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare has been a very important game in category of multiplayer games. According to famous PC games website gamesystemrequirements and many other websites COD 4 Modern Warfare is still most played game ever. Of course, there are many better games now, but the question is why is it played so much. The reasons are that the game is not very demanding i.e. It runs on almost every low end PC. Second reason is that it is free to play for everyone no registration, no licence or nothing to do.
Playing a multiplayer game (especially FPS multiplayer) the game depends upon many factors along which three are most important.

- Weapons
- Maps
- Special Gadgets (Like Perks or other special abilities)

And to play a good game a perfect combination of all these three factors is must. For example: -To play a good game it is necessary to use right weapon with right perk (a special ability) in the right map of game. So in this guide we will get understanding of all these three factors step-wise in detail so to play the game smoothly. And after reading this guide players would be able to get control over all these factors to make a good game.

Now let's get to the point. So there are three factors weapons, maps and perks (a special ability). So here we will be discussing weapons. All the advantages and drawbacks of different weapons are discussed here and every weapons is rated in a criterion of x out of 10 (x/10) to determine the overall progress of weapons. The attachments used with weapons are also written here. There are following five categories in weapons:

- Sniper Rifles
- Assault Rifles
- LMGs (Light-Machine Guns)
- Shotguns
- SMGs (Sub-Machine Guns)

Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles are long ranged, scoped weapons and are of two types, bolt action and semi automatic. Players use it in common practise for long range targets and for stealth play. There are 5 snipers in the game.

1. M40A3 (8/10):
M40A3 is bolt action (single fire) sniper rifle. It is custom sniper for new players in snipers category. It has capacity of 5 bullets and has good damage.

2. M21 (9/10):
M21 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle. It has very low recoil, good damage and is semi-automatic having good enough capacity to take down the many enemies easily. It is favourite automatic sniper due to very low recoil.

3. Dragunov (7/10):
Dragunov is also a semi-automatic sniper rifle. It has high damage, high recoil and normal magazine size. Its recoil make it difficult to use so it is not used very much.

4. R700 (9/10):
R700 is a bolt action sniper rifle. It has high damage, high recoil and capacity of 4 bullets. It is favourite bolt action sniper rifle for players due to high damage.

5. 50 Caliber (8/10):
The best of all in snipers, .Barret .50 Caliber sniper rifle is semi-automatic with high damage, high recoil and medium magazine. It is very loud and have high recoil due to which it creates complications some time but many players use it. Still M21 is prefer in category of semi-auto snipers because of low recoil.

ACOG Sight. (Mini Scope).

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles are mid to long ranged automatic, semi-automatic, burst fire or single fire weapons that are very effective and are mostly used in combat. There are seven assaults rifles in call of duty modern warfare.

1. M16A4 (5/10):
M16A4 is a 3 burst fire assaults rifle which is custom assault rifle for any player in call of duty modern warfare. It has mid range and good damage but the gaps between 3 burst fires are very deadly therefore is not used very much.

2. Ak-47 (8/10):
Ak-47 is a full automatic mid range heavy damage assault rifle. It is very effective and have good damage and rate of fire but too much recoil makes it unreliable some times but still it is a very good choice.

3. M4A1 (9/10):
M4A1 is a mid to high ranged full automatic assault rifle. It has good damage (but not high) but its very much low recoil makes it most reliable assault rifle. Although it's a mid ranged weapon but due to its low recoil it can also be used for long distance targeting by using an ACOG Scope with it.

4. G36C (7/10):
G36C is a mid ranged full automatic assault rifle. It has good damage, mid range, medium recoil and low rate of fire. It's a good assault rifle but most players prefer Ak-47 or M4A1 instead of G36C.

5. G3A3 (6/10):
G3A3 is a mid to long ranged single fire assault rifle with heavy damage, medium recoil but very low rate of fire which makes complications in game. Even it has high damage and long range but due to single fire it is not used much.

6. M14 (7/10):
M14 is a long ranged semi automatic weapons with medium recoil, high damage and low rate of fire. Due to the same problem of low rate of fire this weapon is not used much. But some players, due to its high damage, use it with a silencer for stealth game.

7. MP-44 (7/10):
MP-44 is a long ranged full automatic assault rifle with high recoil, high damage but low rate of fire. But it is also not used much by players due to it high recoil and the problem that no attachment can be used with this weapon.

Grenade Launcher, Red Dot Sight, Silencers, ACOG Sight.


Light Machine Guns are the heaviest hand weapons. They have comparatively high rate of fire, high recoil and low to medium level damage with large magazines. They are used for penetrating shots as they can penetrate through even hard surfaces easily. There are three LMGs (Light Machine Guns) in game.

1. M240 SAW (6/10):
M240 SAW is the custom LMG for new players. It has high rate of fire, good damage and high recoil. It is used by starting players. It is not used very much by experienced players.

2. RPD (8/10):
RPD is a LMG (Mostly used by terrorists) with medium rate of fire, high recoil and medium damage. It is used because it has medium rate of fire and it can be controlled easily.

3. M60E4 (7/10):
M60E4 is LMG with low rate of fire, high damage, a little more than medium and a little less than high recoil, and high penetrating power. It is used by some players to play blind game in which players penetrate through walls to kill enemies.

Red Dot Sight, Grip, ACOG Sight.


Shotguns are the worst weapons in game with low range, high damage and poor rate of fire. There are only two shotguns in game.

1. W1200 (4/10):
W1200 is pump action (single fire) shotgun. It is custom shotgun for new players. It has low range and high damage.

2. M1014 (5/10):
M1014 is semi-automatic shotgun and has low range and high damage.

Red Dot Sight, Silencers.


SMGs (Sub-Machine Guns) are automatic low to medium ranged weapons with high rate of fire, medium to high damage. There are five SMGs in game.

1. MP5 (8/10):
MP5 is automatic SMG with high rate of fire, high damage and low to medium range. It is a reliable SMG used by many players.

2. Scorpion (6/10):
Scorpion is automatic pistol-type SMG with very high rate of fire, high damage and high recoil with low range. It is not very good choice because of low range and high recoil.

3. Mini-Uzi (7/10):
Mini-Uzi is automatic small sized SMG with high rate of fire, high damage and low range. It is also used for low ranged stealth combat and equipped with silencer.

4. Ak-74u (9/10):
Ak-74u is automatic SMG with highest damage, low rate of fire and high recoil. It has low to medium recoil and is a very reliable SMG.

5. P90 (9/10):
P90 is automatic SMG with high rate of fire, large magazine, low to medium range and medium recoil. It is also very reliable SMG and is used in stealth game with silencers.

Red Dot Sight, Silencer, ACOG Sight.

Secondary Weapons

Secondary weapons include small ranged, low-mid damage, small magazine pistols. These include

- M9
- USP-45
- M1911
- Desert Eagle
- Gold Desert Eagle

Now we will discuss perks (Special Abilities). There are three types of perks in Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (Perk 1,2 and 3) with 1 perk slot (total 3) to use each perk. One perk can be used on a single slot at a time. Perk 1 contains extra weapons and explosives like claymores, C4s, RPGs (Regular Petrol Grenade) Rocket Launcher, Grenades and extra ammunition. Perk 2 contains different abilities like increased damage, hiding abilities, faster reloading and increased health. Perk 3 contains abilities like deep bullet penetration, increased sniper breath holding time, more accuracy and much more. All the perks are discussed below one by one. The rating criterion is x out of 5 (x/5) instead of (x/10).

Perk 1

Perk 1 includes explosive weapons, grenades or extra ammunition. However using grip attachment (with LMGs) and grenade launcher (with assault rifles) replaces perk 1 and makes it unusable. The quantity of weapons (explosives) is shown as xX for example x2 stands for 2 and x3 stands for 3.

C4 x2 (2/5):
C4s are remote controlled plastic explosives which work on detonator. There is also a special hotkey which detonates the explosive while you are using a primary or secondary weapon. But it is not useful because it is hard to keep eyes on both the C4s and the enemies.

Special Grenade x3 (2/5):
Normally there is capacity of one special grenade (Flashbang, stun grenade or smoke grenade). But this perk enables player to normally carry 3 flashbang or stun grenades (Smoke grenades are excluded in this perk). It is not used very much because there are also other nice perks instead of using extra special grenades.

RPGs x2 (2/5):
RPG is a set of 2 rockets which acts as a very powerful explosive and is mostly used against choppers. But its low range makes it useless. It bends on its way if it exceeds the range. Due to its small range it is not used much.

Claymores x2 (4/5):
Claymores are proximity mines which detonates and explodes when enemy enters its active range. It is better to hide claymore before a wall so if an enemy enter its range the claymore kills it before the enemy can even escape. It is mostly used by snipers to protect their back when they are sniping at a fixed spot.

Frag Grenades x3 (4/5):
In addition of a special grenade there is also a single frag grenade for a player commonly in game. This perk increases the capacity of player from 1 frag grenade to three frags. Some players think it's useful while some others say it's a waste. The best way to use this is to go round the map and see where the number of enemies is greater and then toss 2 grenades at that place and keep 1 for emergency purposes.

Bandolier (2/5):
Bandolier is a perk which doubles the magazines capacity (ammunition) of a player. It is also considered as waste because most players die before even completing the default quantity of magazines. However it is useful in stealth play to have extra ammunition.

Bomb Squad (1/5):
Bomb squad is a perk which enables a player to recognise the enemy explosives like claymores and C4s. C4s appear as red dots to player who is using this perk and claymores show two lines coming from them (As team of claymore owner can see). It is completely useless perk because mostly explosives are hidden before walls and player dies before even seeing them.

Perk 2

Perk 2 contains perks which mostly effects weapon and weapon powers. Like increased damage, faster reloading, keeping 2 primary weapons, increased rate of fire e.t.c. There are discussed in detail below.

Stopping Power (3/5):
Stopping power is a perk which increases damage of a weapon. It is a good perk but there are also other useful perks so this one is not used much.

Juggernaut (1/5):
Juggernaut is a perk which increases the health (life) of a player. It is not useful because there are other useful and interesting perks to use instead of using this one.

Sleight Of Hand (4/5):
Sleight of hand is a perk which decreases reloading time and makes reloading quick. It is mostly used with LMGs. While the use of this perk is also very helpful with other weapons for a quick play.

Double Tap (3/5):
Double tap perk increases the rate of fire of a weapon by more than almost 50% but the problem with this perk is that very high rate of fire makes the magazine empty quickly and while a player is reloading the enemy can target him easily.

Overkill (3/5):
Overkill is a perk which the help of which a player can carry 2 primary weapons instead of one primary and one secondary (Pistol). This perk is mostly used by snipers to help themselves in close combat situation as mostly their snipers get them killed in closed combats. But using this perk deprives a player from other nice perks.

UAV Jammer (4/5):
UAV is a special bonus awarded to a player if he kills three enemies in a row. This UAV activates a radar map for the whole team showing the enemies as red dots on map. The UAV Jammer is the perk which jams the UAV and player using this perk cannot be seen even using a UAV radar. This perk is often used for stealth play.

Sonic Boom (2/5):
Sonic Boom is the perk which increases the damage of explosives like frag grenades, C4s, Claymores e.t.c. It is not very useful because explosive are low in number and are not always accurate.

Perk 3

Perk 3 includes perk mostly for damaging and helps increase the ability of players like hearing enemy voice chat, increased sniper breathing time, accurate hip fire (Firing without zooming of scoping) and longer running e.t.c. These are discussed under.

Extreme Conditioning (1/5):
Extreme conditioning is a perk which increases the sprinting (running) distance of player. It is useless because longer sprinting have very, very low effect on game and by using it is wasting your perk 3 slot.

Steady Aim (2/5):
Steady aim increases the accuracy of hip fire (Firing without zooming your sights or scopes). Increased hip fire helps in close combat situations if enemy comes suddenly and you don't even have time to open your scope or sights. It is not used much because there are other nice perks.

Last Stand (2/5):
Last stand is a perk due to which a player pulls out his pistol while lying on ground, if an enemy kills him and player has a chance to kill the enemy before giving out his last breath. But the problem is that, if the enemy is shooting constantly the player will die before he can even aim for the enemy. Due to this reason it is not used much.

Martyrdom (4/5):
Martyrdom is a very nice perk. Its effect is that when a player dies, a grenade appears on the dead body of player and then explodes. In this way it can kill the killer and other nearby enemies. Some players (Who actually cannot dodge this perk) call this a noobish perk. But it is a very nice perk and proves itself useful in close combat situation by giving you points even for dying.

Deep Impact (4/5):
Deep impact is a perk which increases penetrating power of every usable weapon. It is a very ideal perk for all situations in game. It boosts penetrating powers of weapons and makes it easier to kill enemies quickly even if they are trying to hide before a wall or something else.

Iron Lungs (2/5):
Iron lungs is a perk which increases sniper's breath holding time. But again other useful perks are used instead of this one.

Dead Silence (2/5):
Dead silence is a perk which reduces the footstep noise of a player and makes it very hard to hear. It is sometimes useful in stealth play but not so much useful because in noise of heavy firing footsteps can be heard hardly even normally. So this perk is not used much.

Eavesdrop (1/5):
Eavesdrop is a perk which is used to hear enemy's team voice chat. It is useless because voice chat is not used very much and it is a waste to use such perk.

So now let's get to maps. There are total 20 default maps in the game. There are other maps designed by gaming groups and teams. Some important of them are Nuketown and Luna e.t.c. But here we will only discuss the default maps. So let's get started.


Ambush has a road in centre with destroyed tanks and vehicles on the road and there are many destroyed and ruined buildings on both sides. There is also a set of three pipe lines under the road. From passing through these pipe lines a player can easily go from one side to another (If an other enemy is not present there). The map has big ruined buildings and an exposed roof from which eye can be kept on all the map but also can be targeted very easily. It is a hard to play map for new players because it is a bit complicated. It is suitable for assaults, SMGs less suitable for LMGs but not suitable for shotguns and snipers.


Backlot is a map with many sniping spots and two MG (Machine Gun) spots. This map is ideal for all class players. Snipers and long ranged assaults can perform good in this map. It has high sniping spots and many streets in which finding enemy is a bit difficult if they are hiding somewhere. But it is not a very complicated maps so new players do not face much difficulty in this map.


Bloc is a map of Pripyat, Ukraine. It has a statue in the middle and two enormous apartment buildings on right and left hands. This map is very suitable for snipers and stealth players. The big grass in middle is very nice place to hide in ghillie suits for snipers. But there are many ways to enter one building so it is easy to clear the building. So this makes the game a bit harder.


Bog is a middle-eastern map where an unusable M1-Abrams tank, a destroyed bus and some containers are kept on a mass of rubble and big grass. It is very hard to play in this map and player has to keep on all the directions because it is mostly exposed map and only 2 small buildings are present for cover and the remaining map is open and exposed. So it causes some complications in game.


Broadcast map consists of one central broadcast office, office parking on one end of map and a small building near the parking. The battle in this map is mostly fought in the broadcast office (Image 1) and the corridor of broadcast building (Image 2). Use of assault rifles and LMGs is good in this map because combat mostly includes mid range fight and at some spots close range combats takes place.


Chinatown is a complicated map with many small buildings 2 or 3 Machine Gun spots and many crawling streets and paths. This map is suitable for assaults and snipers, LMGs are also useful in these combats. New players cannot perform much in this map because it's very complicated.


Countdown is a map of central Asia, as you can see there are many nuclear weapons mounted in this map (But these actually don't work :D). This map is very suitable for long ranged battles with snipers and assault rifles. It is an exposed map with warehouses at both ends of map. Other area is almost exposed and the only cover is vehicles and missiles in the map. Some players also hide in the steam coming from underground. Short ranged SMGs and shotguns are not suitable in this map because combat mostly includes long distance shooting.


In Crash map a body of destroyed marine helicopter is present at the centre. On the Right hand of destroyed helicopter (See Image) there is the highest building in the map, and the most suitable spot for sniping. Instead of sniping there is another way to kick the butt of enemies. Get a recoil less M4 attached with an ACOG Sight and then target the enemies from top of that building. Other sites of map are also very nice but the two buildings on right and left of destroyed helicopter and the spot of destroyed helicopter is the main battlefield of map.


Creek is a mountainous map with a dried river in middle and high mountains on both sides. Some warehouses are situated on the mountains, at the end of map. This map is good for snipers, assault and stealth players using silencers. A small cave under the central mountain is the main position for a good game. Whoever holds this cave gets a good position to defend himself and kill the enemies. However it is a bit hard for new players to play on this map.


Crossfire is a bit L-shaped map with a road in middle and buildings on both sides of roads. These buildings open into other building and almost every building's roof area is open for players giving a good advantage to snipers. However all roofs are exposed and can be targeted easily. Assaults are also good choice in this map. SMGs are also helpful but not better than assaults. It's a good map for new players as it is not very much complicated.


District is a circular map with a market in the middle. Market is a hot spot however other areas circulating the market are also place of combats. Open combat is mostly fought in this map instead of fighting inside buildings. Assaults and SMGs are very effective in this map. However LMGs, Snipers and Shotguns are not very useful. It is not very much complicated map so new players can also play nice on this map.


Downpour is mostly exposed map with 2-3 warehouses which acts as a border between two sides. It's a rainy map with tall grass. Assaults and Snipers are efficient in this map. However it's an exposed map so it's hard for new players to play well on this map.


Killhouse is a very nice map. It is a very small map with a central tower, which is never used because enemy can be spot very easily here. A maze like wooden room on right (See Image) and two fortified brick rooms on both sides with small walls and containers spreaded all over the map. This map is good for SMGs and LMGs. A good use of LMG in this map is to use deep impact with a nice LMG and get to the wooden room (Maze) and fire blindly on the wooden walls. The bullet with penetrate into the maze and automatically kill the enemies before maze easily. It is a very good strategy with LMGs in this map.


Overgrown is a map with tall grass and dried river in centre. There are sniping spots on both sides of the river. This map is good for snipers and assaults with long range combat abilities. Both sides of dried river are hot spots and battle is mostly fought on the bordering sides of river. It is not a very complicated map and a good game can be made easily on this map.


Pipeline is a confusing map. It is very complicated and is not suitable for players who are not much experienced because it is very large and confusing. Assaults and LMGs are good on this map. Snipers are also a bit useful. However SMGs and Shotguns are useless.


Shipment is the smallest map in the game. It contains many containers on sides and centre of the map. Overall it is an exposed map and some containers can also be used for a hiding spot. SMGs are very nice in this map. LMGs and Assaults are also good. However Snipers and shotguns are useless in this map. It is a simple map so a even a new player can perform good in this map if he has good weapons and perks.


Showdown is a circular map with a central open hall-type ground in middle (See Image). The battle is mostly fought in central ground and its enclosing corridors. It is good for assaults. LMGs and SMGs while snipers and shotguns are useless. A new player faces some complications in this map but after some time player gets 'used to' this map.


Strike is a large map. A building presents at marine's spawn point (See the front building with Opfor Flag in Image) is a nice sniping spot. The strategy of shooting using an ACOG sight with M4 (As in Crash) is very useful here. Assaults and Snipers are optimum for this map. This map is not very much complicated and new players can play average game on this map.


Vacant is a map which consists of only one big building and a parking lot. There building is destroyed and there are many rooms in building which are crossing one another. Close combat with SMGs and Assault rifle is best in this map. Snipers are not useful at all. Map is not much complicated so new players can play very easily on this map.


Wetwork is a big ship with two high decks on both ends (See high deck on image). In between is the lower deck which is divided into three parts by two platforms between them. Sniper Rifles and long ranged assaults are used in this map. It is a crossing and mixing map so a new player cannot perform much efficiently in this map.

This was all about the basic three factors of Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. Now players are suggested to read this guide throughout and select optimal weapons and perks and make their playing strategy accordingly for a nice and prospering game.

Please leave you comments below for rating or any other suggestions.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
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