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Nima (Dejbord)
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Mazandran, Sari, Iran

Lenovo G510 (Laptop)

Processor:Core i3 4170/ 4 CPUs/ 2.4 gigahertz/ Up to 3 gigahertz boost / 5% overclocked
Memory:8 Gigabit DDr3
Videocard:AMD Radeon HD 8750/ 2 Gigabit Vram/ Overclocked Intel HD graphics 4000/ 512 Megabit Vram
Op. system:Windows 10 64 bit Enterprises
Motherboard:Lenovo G500 series
Store device:2000 Gigabits
Power supply:120 W
Monitor:1360×766 resolution
Mouse:Tesco Gaming mouse
Others:Well optimized for gaming.
Changelog:Added 1000 Gigabits Head Drive
Add 4 gig DDr3 1600 Megahertz ram
In use:2015. 09. -
Refreshed: 2020. 09. 11.
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