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Robert (Rob)
34 years old, male
Mezokeresztes, Hungary

2022 Intel config (Desktop PC)

Memory:32 GB ddr4 kingstone fury beast 3200 Mhz XMP
Videocard:Rx 570 4GB
Op. system:Windows 11 64 bit
Motherboard:Asus rog B550 Plus
Store device:Westerndigital 4tb, WD 2tb HDD, patriot 128 gb SSD
PC Case:Thermaltake tt30
Power supply:Thermaltake BM1 650w
Monitor:AOPEN 23,8″ 24MV1YPbmiipx FreeSync VA LED Gamer Monitor
Keyboard:Metoo blue swich mechanikus bilentyuzet
Mouse:Razer deathadder v1
In use:2022. 01. -
Refreshed: 2022. 02. 24.
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