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Computer Cooling
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Comments: 35
Gamer A avatar
2016. 05. 17. 12:59:18 #
ok..i was calculating the price but the price is going over my sorry to disturb you @WarLORD.:(

But thank you @WarLORD for helping:)
Gamer A avatar
2016. 05. 17. 04:48:22 #
All right than.
Gamer A avatar
2016. 05. 16. 16:55:56 #
I just want my PC to be cool that's all cause amd gets much hotter than Intel..which one keeps PC much cooler?
Gamer A avatar
2016. 05. 16. 03:05:41 #
Hey..I'll be playing next gen games in my PC..which have AMD 8350 black edition Processor... So..what type of cooling should I use..if air problem but if hydro cooling please recommend me a cooler in about 50$ to 60$..if not anything near that price..thank you:)
captaindoom avatar
2015. 07. 10. 15:19:57 #
I want to ask wheather 1 cooling fan is enough for my computer, its a 12 cm one and its at rear. Unfortunately my case support only 1 cooling fan
so I cant add more.

Pls reply
dom1da avatar
2015. 01. 30. 16:50:32 #
your welcome
Lumpen avatar
2015. 01. 30. 03:27:36 #
dom1da@ i cleaned up my pc case and also i install a normal fan for cooling

the case ! my pc is now better :) thanks ;)
dom1da avatar
2015. 01. 29. 20:02:38 #
yes it could also be a bug with certain GPU's
Lumpen avatar
2015. 01. 29. 12:20:21 #
dom1da@ i think the fan blade is not broken ! because

i bought this video card last year, but i should check it out !

and my video card is not overclocked ! drivers all up to date

for Inefficient Airflow i must check it out !

some users report this problem for witcher 2 and i think it's a bug , isn't ? :-?
dom1da avatar
2015. 01. 29. 11:56:37 #
these are possible reasons for overheating GPU
1. A Clogged fan is the fan working properly
2. A Broken fan has a fan blade broken off
3. is it Overclocked? if so reduce or remove Overclocking
4. Faulty Drivers ?
5. Inefficient Airflow is your case well ventilated ?

if none of the above problems are the cause it maybe faulty
Lumpen avatar
2015. 01. 29. 10:30:20 #
Hi when Witcher 2 a few hours in v 3.5 ( latest update )

my graphics card har started overheating after 5-10 Mins of playing W2

And the system will shutdown .. the sound game is active but monitor and

pc is off :(

I don't have this problem in other games :| just this game ! :(

My graphic card is AMD R7770 GDDR5 | RAM :4GB | CPU : Core i3 4130- 3.40ghz

Help pls ?!?! ;-(

i realy like this game ;-(

my game sett :

my game run smooth and very good fps too ;) but ... :(
sj king gamer avatar
2014. 11. 29. 10:14:50 #
when and how this happend
Gamerman709 avatar
2014. 11. 26. 11:42:18 #
i did play tomb raider then pc is freeze and that's dizzie.

"sorry for my bad english"
dom1da avatar
2014. 11. 25. 21:55:37 #
Your welcome
Gamerman709 avatar
2014. 11. 25. 21:51:45 #
thanks bro B-)
dom1da avatar
2014. 11. 25. 21:50:35 #
yes it is fine. your gpu can operate under max load up to 98 C.
Here is Your gpu specs
Gamerman709 avatar
2014. 11. 25. 21:22:43 #
hey guys,
my gpu is 90 C full load is it normal ?
(GT 640 2 gb ddr3)
no avatar
2014. 11. 14. 08:18:15 #
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 14. 02:26:36 #
Big pea or small?
no avatar
2014. 11. 13. 14:55:30 #
apply at the centre of the contact plate, only a pea size amount.
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 12. 17:55:54 #
But how can i apply just accurate. Is little bit pour out damage my component?
Attila-13 avatar
2014. 11. 12. 14:58:20 #
Never apply more than the recommended amount, because from the pressure, the gel can pour out between the CPU and the cooler and can damage your components.
Never ever apply more gel!
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 12. 10:30:49 #
If i apply thermal gel little bit more and split out. Can it damage my pc ? Or there are safety system for this?
iGhosT avatar
2014. 08. 31. 03:49:18 #
Buy a good water cooler like hydro h80 they don't leak and if you wanted an air cooler than
Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO Cooler is under your budget and if you can expand,go for Cooler Master Hyper 212X Cooler(Recommended)
sakif avatar
2014. 08. 30. 15:09:52 #
I want to use good fan cooler rather than water cooler bcuz i water is very dangerous for electric items if it leaks:o which fan cooler is best under $20( i can increase my budget if needed)
iGhosT avatar
2014. 08. 17. 07:51:31 #
If you want better cooling always choose a water cpu cooler like corsair h80 etc
opening one side of pc case is not a good idea because dust goes in and bad for component
you can always go for better case fans instead of using some cheap stock ones
sakif avatar
2014. 08. 16. 06:57:31 #
Which heatsink should I use allumanium,copper or something else. Does opening one side of pc is good idea.
JamesBond000001 avatar
2013. 08. 14. 16:33:38 #
He He
But Best Cooling Device Is
Air Conditionar
hackerDON avatar
2013. 08. 13. 15:08:17 #
@ Attila-13
ok thanx but today i was checking it and it was 89 C under full load
Attila-13 avatar
2013. 08. 13. 14:21:49 #
No. Even for a passive cooler the temps should be much lower!
Try cleaning your PC from dust and make sure you have a decent cable management so you can have a good airflow in your case.
Remember to clean it from time to time!
hackerDON avatar
2013. 08. 13. 12:32:48 #
@ Attila-13
but are my GPU temps OK
Attila-13 avatar
2013. 08. 13. 10:47:20 #
You're wrong a bit, you mean in idle....under load the GPU goes up to 80C+ temperatures....

20C in idle, 45C under load, 50C Full load.

35-40C in idle, 60C under load, 70-80C in Full load.
hackerDON avatar
2013. 08. 13. 03:31:36 #
My CPU temps are OK but my GPUs temperature always remain above 70 C when idle and nearly 90 C when under load but I only have a passive cooler on it. It doesn't have any fan on it.
dom1da avatar
2013. 08. 12. 16:21:55 #
for cpu max temperatures are 60 degrees C ideal temperatures about 40 degrees C under load

for gpu max temperatures are again 60 degrees c ideal temperatures about 40 degrees C under load
hackerDON avatar
2013. 08. 12. 06:59:30 #
What are the safe limits of temperature for CPU and GPU and also what are the ideal temperatures ?
How much do you spend per month on video games?

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