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Comments: 32
Skyler avatar
2016. 05. 25. 09:28:28 #
100% working mp until next year. :D But yeah, ofc it's better to buy original game worth buying.
THUNDERkurt avatar
2016. 05. 23. 05:46:54 #
Yup totally better even though i never bought a n original game in my whole life
THUNDERkurt avatar
2016. 05. 22. 09:31:37 #
Buying a original game is 10 times better than pirating it
lincoln_a_vandor avatar
2016. 05. 21. 12:46:33 #
Selling Steam account:
Rocket League[19.99€]
CS:GO[13.99€](Rank:Gold nova 3)

Lumpen avatar
2015. 05. 17. 06:37:19 #
Yeah it's very good offer from GOG :)
sakif avatar
2014. 09. 16. 03:01:13 #
#jackie your country may have strong law on these so you shouldn't use crack.
Attila-13 avatar
2014. 09. 15. 17:21:37 #
Yes, I did play some when I was a kid...back in school, when I first received my very first computer. Then I borrowed some from my friends...but back then you couldn't really get games where I live, and there wasn't steam, like today, where you can buy easily a digital copy.
Even cracks weren't really made, as today are.
But I grew up .... that was a very long time ago. :D
Now I buy every game I play and didn't pirated a game in a very long least 7 years passed since I last tried a cracked game, before I bought it.
But now I don't even try them first to see if I like it or not.
If I see one and think that it's worth it, I just buy it. :) Or if I think that it's too expensive, I just wait for a discount. :D
Adityasingh18 avatar
2014. 09. 15. 17:00:07 #
#Attila-13 nyc story:oXD

have you ever played any cracked game?
Attila-13 avatar
2014. 09. 15. 16:41:19 #
Cracked games are part of piracy. Downloading a cracked game means that you're pirating it.

Why to buy games you ask?
1. Always working multiplayer
2. Always up to date.
3. Developer support
4. Support the developers so that they could make even more games in the future.

Game developers make games as a job and earn they salary from game sales. So if a company which makes a game, can't get their money back from game sales, they can't pay their workers so in the end they go bankrupt and go out of business.

You're only 12 years old, so can't really understand, what I'm saying, but let me ask you:
If someday you'll go to work in a market for example, you work all month 10hours a day, every day of the month and you don't get your salary on the end of the month, because there was a robbery in the market and they stole some goods. Your boss comes to you and says that you wont get any money for your work this month because of the robbery, because the market has to earn back their loss from the incident.
Let me ask you, how would you feel? Would you think that it's fair? I don't think so!

So this is why do people buy games, not only for the above benefits I already listed, but to support the developers so that they can earn they salary and to make them determined to make another game.

Think about this when you pirate your next game.
Jackie33 avatar
2014. 09. 15. 16:26:03 #
These are for piracy not for playing cracked games but i am still confusing, people doesn't waste money without any reason by getting real games WHY?
sakif avatar
2014. 09. 12. 11:02:45 #
tomcat3 avatar
2014. 09. 11. 10:19:42 #

U Can't live Without Breaking Rules At least One rule.
Adityasingh18 avatar
2014. 09. 11. 09:34:53 #
#Jackie33 enjoy playing,it's just a game nothing will happened
Attila-13 avatar
2014. 09. 11. 08:37:15 #
Buy it, and you'll have working MP forever.

If the problem persists, they can get you arrested, no matter where you live, or what rules does your country have!
They can bring you to court, no matter where you are, and if you're too young for jail, your parents will have to pay for you.

If someone doesn't believe me just read the Federal Court Rules or the Penal Code!
Jackie33 avatar
2014. 09. 11. 02:01:17 #
Hey.. I was playing cracked crisis 3 mp then i got a e-mail from 'EA' to stop playing and delete the game immediatly???
But i am still playingXD
should i delete the game?
Do you ever encountered any email like this?
iGhosT avatar
2014. 09. 07. 16:54:50 #
tomcat3 avatar
2014. 09. 07. 06:57:13 #
and there Is No MP crack For FIFA
sakif avatar
2014. 09. 07. 06:38:25 #
Yeah. Fps mp crack is easy to find.You can also find bf4 mp cr...k but you may not find mortal combat like games mp cr...k
iGhosT avatar
2014. 09. 07. 04:38:25 #
can we play mp of a good FPS game free
tomcat3 avatar
2014. 09. 06. 09:59:06 #
But Still play Cracked Games Online
iGhosT avatar
2014. 09. 06. 05:21:53 #
can't play mp of cracked games;-(
Jackie33 avatar
2014. 09. 05. 03:13:09 #
Yeah. I am a fool:)
sakif avatar
2014. 09. 04. 18:45:14 #
I don't know why people do this?
iGhosT avatar
2014. 09. 04. 16:47:29 #
yeh who buy 1000+ rupee game when you can get it free
sakif avatar
2014. 09. 04. 15:46:15 #
But support doesn't need so much. If your game have any problem just get a new one. This is illegal but must not be a police case. Search google for this law in US.
tomcat3 avatar
2014. 09. 04. 13:43:06 #
Buy games It is safe And Best
U get Support From Developers If you Buy A Game
Jackie33 avatar
2014. 09. 04. 12:28:42 #
I have 8mbps unlimited internet.
Now i will download games all time:D
i only buy DVDs for mp;)
but is this legal?
Can i face any problem in future?
Plz reply carefully
tomcat3 avatar
2014. 09. 04. 10:16:23 #
#GhosT MP CR**k is Also Available For Some GAMEs EG COD Mw,MW3
Jackie33 avatar
2014. 09. 04. 09:56:53 #
Can i play cracked games after download those
iGhosT avatar
2014. 09. 03. 17:04:57 #
for me there is only one difference and big one that we can't play MP of cracked game
no avatar
2014. 03. 27. 20:02:00 #
(Steam) The Darkness 2 (gift) trade for 3 TF2 keys

game price is 30 eu on steam and i want to trade onyl 3 keys add me on steam Ossian1993 (Ossian) same profile picture
How much do you spend per month on video games?

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