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Quake 4
Quake 4
Release Date: 2005. October 18. Popularity: ~500# ■
SRI: 5 (Very low)
Sys. Req.
Minimum System Requirements:
CPU: Intel®Pentium® 4 2 Ghz or AMD® XP 2000+ processor or higher
512 MB
VGA: 100% DirectX® 9.0c compatable 64MB 3D Hardware Accelerator video card required (and the latest drivers)*
DX: 100% DirectX® 9.0c inlcuded
English Version of Microsoft®Windows® 2000/XP
HDD: 2.8GB of uncompressed free hard disk space (plus 400MB for for Windows® swap file)
Sound: 100% DirectX® 9.0c compatable 16-bit sound card and latest drivers
ODD: 8X Speed CD-ROM Drive and latest drivers
Network: Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported. Internet play requires broadband connection and latest drivers. LAN play requires network interface card and latest drivers
Recommended peripheral:# 100% Microsoft®Windows® 2000/XP
compatible mouse, keyboard, and latest drivers
Note: *Graphics Cards Supported: - ATI® Radeon® 9700 - ATI® Radeon® 9800 - ATI® Radeon® X300 - ATI® Radeon® X550 - ATI® Radeon® X600 - ATI® Radeon® X700 - ATI® Radeon® X800 - ATI® Radeon® X850 - all Nvidia® GeForce 3/TI Series - all Nvidia® GeForce 4/TI Series - all Nvidia® GeForce FX Series - all Nvidia® GeForce 6 Series - all Nvidia® GeForce 7 Series
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QuakeQuake II
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2014. 01. 19. 04:13:33 #
Thanks Adityasingh18
2013. 11. 27. 18:15:31 #
very old game abuy pc can handle
2013. 11. 27. 04:25:16 #
@crytek14 Yes you play this game on ultra setting.
2013. 11. 27. 01:07:22 #
2013. 11. 26. 12:39:09 #
i have
intel pentium 4 at 3.20Ghz
2gb ram
256md video card
can i run
2013. 11. 17. 16:49:45 #
100% 100% Very nice. Laughing soft
2009. 10. 22. 08:00:16 #
kappi game
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