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Need For Speed Underground 2
Need For Speed Underground 2
Release Date: 2004. November 09. Popularity: ~200# ■
SRI: 3 (Very low)
Sys. Req.
Minimum System Requirements:
CPU: Intel Pentium III (or equivalent) CPU running at 933MHz or higher
256 MB
VGA: 32MB DirectX 9.0c compatible video card (Geforce2 or higher) using a
supported chipset (see below)
ATI Radeon 7500 or greater
NVIDIA GeForce2 or greater
DX: DirectX 9.0c
Windows 98, 98 Second Edition, ME, 2000 Professional, XP Professiona
HDD: 900 MB of HD space
Sound: DirectX compatible Sound Card
Network: For Online play a Network card is required for broadband connectivity
Recommended peripheral:DirectX compatible Controller or Keyboard
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Games with similar system requirements:Call of Duty, Battlefield 1942, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, World Of Warcraft, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Terraria, Driv3r, Driver 3
Need For Speed UndergroundNeed For Speed World
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2014. 01. 05. 20:37:30 #
I deLET This
2014. 01. 05. 20:31:52 #
one of my fav nfs gamesSmiley
2014. 01. 05. 18:41:33 #
I used to play that game.
And it was very interesting.
2013. 11. 10. 19:34:25 #
I used to play Underground 2 on this:
Intel Celeron 1.4Ghz
256 MB SD Ram 100 - - that ram was clocked at 100mhz!!!!!!!! that's damn slow.....
Geforce MX 4000 64MB - - had no pixel shader support, only vertex shader and TnL - - PCI(not express)
Windows XP

I was recently playing Underground 2 on this:
Intel Core 2 Duo
2 GB Ram
Intel Q35 - - much slower than Intel HD 3000
Windows Vista

@Kratik Your Core i3 will run Underground 2 just fine. The demo is still available, just search on google, try it out and see how it runs.

My current setup:
Acer Aspire V5(laptop)
AMD A8-5557m Quad Core x64 with 4 MB L2 Cache
8 GB dual channel DDR3 Ram
Radeon HD8750m 2GB Dedicated DDR3

NFS U2 on my current Computer(AMD-A8) - - 1024 x768 Maxxed Settings - 62 FPS w/Fraps
The Graphics at these settings are very sharp. Absolutely no aliasing at all. Compared to the PS2 and Xbox versions, the graphics are far ahead on the PC.

@MyPCSucks.....Why not run it at 640x480 and max detail settings, its better to have more FPS then higher resolution, my current PC gets 60+FPS on 1024x768 and max settings, but I usually run the game at 640x480 and max detail settings, graphics are still very good without sacrificing FPS.

Integrated graphics are slower than dedicated graphics, back in the early 2000`s, shared memory graphics were a joke. But CPU`s now are dual, quad, or even eight core, with much more cache memory, and are able to do some graphics fairly decently. Just look at the Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200, ranks in at the top of class 2 on, said to be only 15 percent behind the dedicated mid-range cards Geforce GT 650M, and GT 750M.

PS.......I was selling computers before PCI Express came out...Back in the days of AGP....I worked at "RadioShack" before it became "The Source"....And I also worked at "Futureshop".
Greedy Samurai
2013. 09. 14. 13:28:31 #
This Is A Good Game... .
In My Opinion!
Probably No.2 In NFS Franchise
My Opinion!
2013. 09. 14. 13:10:42 #
2013. 09. 13. 22:23:05 #
@babanelu23, yes you can on mid setting
2013. 09. 13. 15:35:10 #
Can i run this game?: Windows Xp,Intel Pentium 4 2.66 ghz,geforge 5500....,1 GB RAM,directx 9.0,total memory 256,0 mb
2013. 09. 04. 02:59:37 #
This would be fun if there were cops chasing you
2013. 08. 28. 05:15:35 #
Good Game Laughing hard
2013. 08. 27. 19:33:11 #
@mypcsucks, Your pc specs is too low to run it on high upgrade your CPU, GPU and ram that is if you are using desktop and your pc supports it
2013. 08. 27. 18:23:56 #
guys, I need to ask... when I go to mid- range to high I get 30 - 35 fps but when I go to very high my fps drops to 8.... why?

Intel Pentium Dual Core 1.8 Ghz
2Gb DDR2
SiS Mirage 3 256 mb supports hardware t&l vertex & shader version 2.0
DX 11
win7 x86

what else should I improve with my home pc?
sujith s
2013. 08. 07. 05:00:25 #
oh! i thought u were angry.:-):-PCool
2013. 08. 06. 20:43:39 #
@sujith s
Who said I was angry?
sujith s
2013. 08. 06. 14:33:08 #
ok man dont get one site the recomended gpu is nvidia 4600 i thougt intel hd 3000 is better than this.sorry
2013. 08. 06. 11:24:27 #
@sujith s
How many times I have to tell you that an IGPU is not like a GPU! And with VRAM not the quantity is important, it's the quality! Is it so hard to understand? If he had a dedicated GPU, then yes, but like this no!
sujith s
2013. 08. 06. 02:19:27 #
but he has more than recommended requirements.@attila
2013. 08. 05. 17:37:01 #
@sujith s
No, of course he can't!

sujith s
2013. 08. 05. 12:54:00 #
yes of course u can, on ultra @kratik
2013. 08. 05. 09:13:08 #
can I run it on
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2310M CPU @ 2.10GHz
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000
Graphics Card RAM: 805mb
RAM: 2.00 GB
HDD: 452Gb
2012. 01. 21. 00:33:35 #
The best game in the series after Most Wanted! Wink
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