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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Release Date: 2001. April 16. Popularity: ~400# ■
SRI: 1 (Very low)
Sys. Req.
Minimum System Requirements:Recommended System Requirements:
CPU: CPU( without 3D card* ): Pentium200MHz
CPU:Pentium2 266MHz or higher
64M or higher
VGA: DirectDraw supporting board (need to support DirectX6.1,X7 )
VGA:DirectDraw supporting board (need to support DirectX6.1,X7 )
DX: Please use Direct X6.1 or higher
DX:Please use Direct X6.1 or higher
Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98
Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98
HDD:250MB or more
Sound: Sound Card : Direct Sound supporting board ( need to support DirectX6.1,X7 )
Sound:Direct Sound supporting board ( need to support DirectX6.1,X7 )
Resolution: 640x480 dots or higher
Color (16bit)
Resolution:640x480 dots or higher
Color (16bit) or higher
ODD: CD-ROM: 4 times or faster
ODD:CD-ROM: 8 times or faster
Recommended peripheral:Input device : Keyboard and Game pad (Microsoft SideWinder recommended )
Note: To play this game, your system must support both DirectSound and DirectDraw. Please confirm before you play this game with either the shops or the hardware maker. 3D board is required toplay this game. List of the supportiing 3D video cards: 3dfxVoodoo series nVidiaRIVA series ATI 3D RagePro ATI 3D Rage128 Intel740 S3Savege4Pro Matrox MilleniumG200 or MilleniumG400
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Resident Evil / biohazard HD REMASTERResident Evil 4
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2013. 08. 29. 16:09:15 #

It entirely Depends on you
2013. 08. 28. 09:08:01 #
Nice Game......
I Dont Like RE 4 And 5 But This Game Rocks Laughing hard
But I Like RE 6 And Rev
2013. 08. 08. 15:47:01 #
Rytly said buddy,, in RE5 there is v.much scarcity of ammo plus u also have to look after ur partner!! bullshitt...:/
2013. 08. 05. 14:52:30 #
@attila-13, you are right, the double team combat in RE 5 is really not cool, very difficult and not that scary like 1 to 4
2013. 08. 05. 09:52:10 #
You're very wrong!
Don't think that every resident evil was like 4 and above!
4 was the one that introduced the TPS Action style!
All the game below 4 were masterpieces but you can't understand that because you didn't grow up with the first ones!
These were the ones that revolutionized the survival horror genre!

And I don't want to be rude, but Operation Raccoon city was the worst shit ever made in the history of RE!
RE 1,2,3,4 were great and are masterpieces, all the games after 4 started being worse and worse introducing double team, full on action combat and stuff... with the exception of Revelations of course which is awesome on 3DS but a poor port attempt for the major consoles and PC!
The port doesn't worth it, for the best experience the 3DS version is the winner!
2013. 08. 05. 09:07:58 #
worst game ever i have seen or played resident evil 4,5,6,revelation and racoon city aree the best
2013. 05. 11. 07:50:06 #
relly nice game love this Rolleyes
2013. 03. 10. 19:55:51 #
Best Resident Evil Game ever!Smiley
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