Giveaway terms

How does it work?

Welcome to our giveaway system! Here you can win original games (codes) or other prizes! Participating is very simple. If you have the needed profile level, click on button 'Entry' to enter the giveaway. Some time later you can participate in each giveaway again, so you can increase your chance to win. Good luck!

Giveaway Terms and Conditions:

* Registration and determined profile level requirements are needed to participate in the giveaways.

The winner will be selected by drawing in every type of giveaway.

Giveaway types:

* Normal: you can enter the giveaway once. Everyone has the same chance to win.

* Repeated entries: you can enter the giveaway repeatedly. The member who has more entries also has more chance to win. The entry intervals are the same for every member and are different per giveaways.

* Quiz: you can enter the giveaway by marking the correct answer.

* Special: you can enter the giveaway by carrying out different tasks.

Other information:

* Giveaways are not open to members who have an active warning.
* The winner's username will be published on the site.
* The winner will be notified via private message.
* The winner will have two weeks to respond or another winner will be selected.