DOOM's latest update adding bots and more
by SamX, 2016. December 08., news

A new free update has been released for Bethesda's first-person demon shooting game, DOOM. This update is adding support for bots. It means you'll be able to fight against AI-controlled enemies. Currently bots will only be available in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch on original multiplayer maps.

Update 5 is also adding a whole new multiplayer mode, called "Infernal Run". In it, "Teams fight for control of the (eye) ball, which must be carried or thrown into the opponent’s goal to score". Sounds fun, if you ask me.

Multiplayer level cap has been increased to Echelon 11, level 50. And when you achieve this, you'll unlock the Doom Marine Armor. The armor will also be available in SnapMap, along with over 30 new Lazarus Lab-themed modules and props.
And to promote all this new content, double XP will be rewarded till December 12.

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Comments: 4
SamX avatar
1 year ago | 2016. 12. 10. 08:23:22
You mean to say Denuvo is doomed? XD 8-)
SamX avatar
1 year ago | 2016. 12. 09. 10:31:08
Maybe. XD
AlyesRock avatar
1 year ago | 2016. 12. 09. 09:52:07
anyway this game already cracked so no need for denuvo i think!
SamX avatar
1 year ago | 2016. 12. 09. 08:58:30
Yes, thanks for the information. But for some reason the removal of Denuvo was not mentioned in the patch notes.
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