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Our site's design is renewed
System Requirements, 2013. May 29., news

Our site's design is renewed. We hope you will like it! We are working on further developments and enlargements continuously.

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Comments: 11
faizan ahmed avatar
2013. 06. 23. 14:56:06 #
it should have uploader for pics and vids with chat and forms and u know.. desighnnn! style! 8-)
djshujja avatar
2013. 06. 10. 16:51:06 #
Attila-13 avatar
2013. 06. 06. 15:57:15 #
I'm not in charge with the site designs and features...
I'm in the moderating team.
Vedu avatar
2013. 06. 06. 14:46:57 #
Please Make a Screen shot For Every Game.... With a New Tab As Screen Shots .... :D
Attila-13 avatar
2013. 06. 05. 20:14:29 #
Ok guys be patient!
These things aren't going so easily as you think!
Wait and you'll see that the things will evolve with time, and be respectful. :)
faizan ahmed avatar
2013. 06. 05. 19:35:11 #
so from + chat + whats on your mind stuff
hackerDON avatar
2013. 06. 03. 09:42:09 #
@ attila-13
i agree with gme2z and faizan make a forum on this site soon
faizan ahmed avatar
2013. 06. 03. 09:15:05 #
this site should have chat!!! WITH forum :)
Vedu avatar
2013. 06. 02. 12:44:05 #
Its Great! But Make a Improvement on Search.... It Must Me More Sencivitive Like if I type "proto" I Get All The Games Under That Names'
Attila-13 avatar
2013. 06. 01. 09:07:31 #
It's in the works!
The main site (Hungarian) has one, so don't worry, it's coming in the near future here as well!
gme2z avatar
2013. 05. 31. 20:14:19 #
Make a forum
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