Please help! It doesn't work!
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5 months ago | 2020. 12. 29. 10:20:07
thanks my issue has been fixed.
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9 months ago | 2020. 09. 16. 11:58:16
It doesn't really work like that. The single-player triple-A games you're talking about aren't meant for refresh rates that high. Even if the GPU is capable of reaching your desired frame rate the whole system will eventually end up bottlenecking it. Esports titles are specifically made and optimized to reach 100s of frames per second, their typical gameplay scenario demands it. But that's not the case for single-player games, since 60 FPS is ideal for most of them. You'll struggle to cross the 144 FPS mark on AAA campaigns with most if not all GPUs. Also, a very high frame rate can sometimes break the physics of some games.

The RTX 3070 will be a great card to achieve high frame rates on 1080p with Ray Tracing on. If your monitor supports G-sync you should be good to go.
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9 months ago | 2020. 09. 16. 08:35:30
I'm currently using rx 5700 and even it can be overkill for 1080p 165hz but my main concern is story driven triple a titles with the best graphics out there. I just want to play all my games >144hz @ high/highest settings and rx 5700 struggles to reach 100fps for relatively new aaa games and I'm also curios about Ray tracing.

So when I see the rtx 3070 at lower than half price of 2080ti naturally I got exited.

What do you guys think? Would it be overkill for high to highest graphics and Ray tracing setting @1080p for over 144hz?

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