Ultimate Spider-Man
Ultimate Spider-Man
Release Date: 2005. September 22. (PC)
Popularity: ~2300# ■
Reviews: Positive (8.4)
iThere are only official system requirements on the site which are released by developers or an official publisher.
Minimum system requirements:
Pentium(R) III 1.2 GHz or Athlon(TM) 1.2 GHz or higher processor
256 MB of RAM
3D hardware accelerator card required - 100% DirectX(R) 9.0c-compliant 64 MB video card and drivers*

Supported Chipsets for Windows 2000/XP

All NVIDIA(R) GeForce2(TM) and better chipsets
All ATI(R) Radeon 7500(TM) and better chipsets
DirectX(R) 9.0c (Included)
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 2000/XP
3500 MB of uncompressed hard disk space (plus 400 MB for the Windows(R) swap file)
100% DirectX(R) 9.0c-compliant true 16-bit sound card and drivers
100% Windows(R) 2000/XP - compatible quad speed CD-ROM drive (600 K/sec sustained transfer rate) and drivers
Recommended peripheral: 100% Windows(R) 2000/XP - compatible mouse, keyboard and drivers
Note: Important Note: Some 3D accelerator cards with the chipsets listed here may not be compatible with the 3D acceleration features utilized by Ultimate Spider-Man™. Please refer to your hardware manufacturer for 100% DirectX 9.0c compatibility.
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Comments: 3
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8 years ago | 2012. 05. 19. 09:15:09
its ***ing boring
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8 years ago | 2012. 05. 19. 09:15:07
its ***ing boring
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9 years ago | 2011. 09. 24. 16:09:41
Only thing wrong with this game is that its too short and possible to beat in one day....

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