The Fool giveaway
Type: Normal
Level needed: 1
All entries: 103
Platform: Steam
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End: 2017. 12. 22. 15:05
This giveaway is now closed.
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Comments: 3
bagusprs avatar
10 months ago | 2017. 12. 17. 13:45:37
SamX avatar
10 months ago | 2017. 12. 16. 14:38:08
It's not in my hands brother. The winner will be chosen randomly.

And about being a gamer, you only need a gamer's heart to be a gamer. Huge library, fancy setups mean nothing as long as you have the mindset and spirit of a gamer.
no avatar
10 months ago | 2017. 12. 16. 06:13:32
please select me i want to become a gamer pease help me samx

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