GeForce GTX 1050
Series:GeForce 10
Release date:2016. October 25.
Die count:1
Die size:132 mm2
Fab:14 nm
Transistors:3300 millions
Bus interface:PCI-E 3.0 x16
Clock rates
Core clock:1354 MHz
Core clock (Boost):1455 MHz
Memory clock:1752 MHz
Effective memory clock (DDR):14016 MHz
Memory size:4096, 2048 MB
Memory bus type:
Memory bus width:128 bit
Memory bandwidth (maximum):112.1 GB/s
Core units
Unified shader units:640
Texture mapping units (TMU):40
Render output units (ROP):32
SMX/SMM count:5
Supported Technologies:
Pixel shader:5.0OpenCL:1.2
CUDA: 6.1
Pixel fillrate:43.3 (GP/s)
Texture fillrate:54.2 (GT/s)
Single Precision (peak):1733.1 GFLOPS
Thermal Design Power (TDP,Max):75 W
Release price (USD):110 USD
4 / 10
Recommended CPUs:
Ryzen 5 1600
Core i7-3770T
Core i7-2600K
Core i3-8100
Core i5-5675C
Core i7-2600
Core i7-6785R
Ryzen 5 1500X
Core i5-7600K
Core i5-5675R
Core i5-7600
Ryzen 5 1400
Ryzen 3 2200GE
Core i5-6600K
Core i3-8300T
Ryzen 3 2200G
Core i5-6600
Core i3-8100T
Core i5-7600T
Core i7-4785T
Core i5-4690S
Core i7-4765T
Core i5-4690K
Core i5-7500
Core i5-4690
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Comments: 3
SamX avatar
2 years ago | 2016. 10. 24. 16:59:44
Release date is not October 25. It should be corrected, up there.
AlyesRock avatar
2 years ago | 2016. 10. 20. 02:03:38
it will be a good budget graphics card let's wait and see.
SamX avatar
2 years ago | 2016. 10. 19. 08:43:24
Nvidia has officially revealed GTX 1050 & 1050ti, they're price starts from 109$ & 139$ respectively. The GTX 1050ti is launching on October 25th & GTX 1050 is set to launch"on or before" November 8th.
You can check the details about the cards here,…e-gtx-1050

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