GeForce GTX 960M
Series:GeForce 900M
Codename:GM107 N16P-GX-A1
Release date:2015. March 13.
Die count:1
Die size:148 mm2
Fab:28 nm
Transistors:1870 millions
Bus interface:MXM-B (3.0)
Clock rates
Core clock:1029 MHz
Core clock (Boost):1085 MHz
Memory clock:1253 MHz
Effective memory clock (DDR):10024 MHz
Memory size:4096, 2048 MB
Memory bus type:GDDR5
Memory bus width:128 bit
Memory bandwidth (maximum):80.2 GB/s
Core units
Unified shader units:640
Texture mapping units (TMU):40
Render output units (ROP):16
SM count:5
Supported Technologies:
Pixel fillrate:16.5 (GP/s)
Texture fillrate:41.2 (GT/s)
Single Precision (peak):1317 GFLOPS
Thermal Design Power (TDP,Max):75 W
1 / 10
Recommended CPUs:
Core i3-6100H
Core 2 Extreme QX9300
Core i5-4360U
Core m7-6Y75
Core i5-2510E
Core i5-7Y57
Core i7-3517U
Core i3-5157U
Core i5-5250U
Core i5-4350U
Core i5-3437U
Core i5-7Y54
Core i5-4260U
Core i5-2520M
Core i5-3427U
Core i3-6100U
Core i5-5200U
Core i3-4100M
Core i7-3689Y
Core i5-7Y57
Core i5-4250U
Core i5-2450M
Core i7-840QM
Core i5-7Y54
Core m5-6Y54
Core i5-4210U
Core i3-3130M
Core i5-2435M
A10 PRO-7350B
Core i5-2430M
Core i5-4200U
Core i7-820QM
Core i3-3120M
Core i7-740QM
Core i3-4000M
Core 2 Quad Q9100
Core i5-3337U
Core i3-5020U
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Comments: 7
DuyAlex avatar
2 years ago | 2017. 07. 13. 12:18:16
Best GPU/Power consumption
dom1da avatar
2 years ago | 2016. 08. 28. 14:52:36
@masterkydrocks Thank you For correcting me
BestKiller avatar
2 years ago | 2016. 08. 28. 06:41:13
Desktop always better :)
BestKiller avatar
2 years ago | 2016. 08. 27. 21:12:58
good GPU :)
dom1da avatar
2 years ago | 2016. 08. 27. 16:59:49
very good GPU in terms of performance it is equivalent to the Desktop Geforce GTX 760
Fasy X avatar
2 years ago | 2016. 07. 27. 16:07:15
yeah, good gpu :)
Songo avatar
2 years ago | 2016. 07. 27. 14:37:51
My current GPU. A bit surprised by its power :)

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