For Honor Starter Edition is currently free on PC
System Requirements, 2018. August 22., news

The Starter Edition of Ubisoft's action fighting game For Honor can be grabbed completely free on PC for a limited time.

To get the game, click on the link below and go to the For Honor page on Steam, and click the "Install Game" button. Once you get the game, it will be yours forever.

The offer ends on Monday, August 27.

Grab For Honor Starter Edition for free here:

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Comments: 7
GhostMamba avatar
55 days ago | 2018. 08. 23. 18:57:16
You can just queue it or remove from queue. It'll stay in your steam forever.

Steam Forever!
RakashinStyx avatar
55 days ago | 2018. 08. 23. 18:09:04
So this means if i just queue the game for download n then pause it, it will stay in my games forever so i can download it later? or gotta get the whole game for the deal at first place?
ShadowAssassinSD avatar
55 days ago | 2018. 08. 23. 16:19:28
Is it available for free on uplay too ?
bagusprs avatar
54 days ago | 2018. 08. 24. 01:42:41
@ShadowAssassinSD: no at the moment.. but they did giveaway this game on Uplay too in the past..
this one is only for steam
SamX avatar
55 days ago | 2018. 08. 23. 15:12:49
Yep, pretty sure this is the first time they gave a game away on Steam. XD
ImKyd16 avatar
55 days ago | 2018. 08. 23. 01:33:02
It seems I'll not play singleplayer games for a while XD
AlyesRock avatar
56 days ago | 2018. 08. 22. 20:32:04
this is the first time I see Ubisoft giving away a game for free on steam platform 8-)

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