Grab Headsnatchers for free right now
by MoonW, 2020. January 09., news

Casual party game Headsnatchers is free for a limited time through the Humble Store. The game normally costs 12.49 euro but for the next 72 hours you can get it for free.

To get the game, just go to the Headsnatchers page on the Humble Store, and click "Get the Game". Once you get the game, it will be yours forever. The offer ends on Sunday, January 12 at 10 a.m. PT or while supplies last. But be careful, because the game cannot be redeemed after January 16.

Get Headsnatchers (Humble Store) here.

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Comments: 3
f0rmald3hyde avatar
4 months ago | 2020. 01. 11. 05:29:50
Nice, page doesn't even exist. Even the top google result takes me to the main store page with the offer not even being there.
SamX avatar
4 months ago | 2020. 01. 11. 06:02:53
@f0rmald3hyde: They either ran out of keys or the giveaway window is over.
f0rmald3hyde avatar
4 months ago | 2020. 01. 11. 06:05:50
@SamX: Probably keys.

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