Intel's 8th gen processors officially announced, reveal coming soon
by SamX, 2017. August 08., news

The 8th generation of Intel's processors is now official. Yeah, Intel has announced the CPU family/generation you probably know as "Coffee Lake" with an official press release. In it, they have informed us that the CPU lineup will be unveiled publicly over the internet with a Facebook livestream on August 21, 2017. That's less than a couple of weeks from now on!

In case you're wondering why they chose that day, it's because of the "Great American Solar Eclipse". They're trying to "align" it. Get that? If you don't know what solar eclipse is, please Google it. That's not a topic to discuss on a PC gaming site.

Let's get back to the topic. The livestream will be aired at 8AM PDT (on August 21). As for why to watch it, Intel gives us eight reasons to watch the reveal of 8th-gen processors:

1: Don’t be caught in the dark. Learn how the 8th Gen Intel Core processor family will offer blazing fast performance.

2: Hear directly from Gregory Bryant, senior vice president of the Client Computing Group at Intel, and others about the details on the latest processor family and what it can help you do.

3: Discover how immersive experiences will bring you from spectator to participant with 8th Gen Intel Core processor capabilities.

4: Don’t just take our word for it. See the power of 8th Gen Intel Core technology come to life in the hands of a VR creator and imaging technologist.

5: Get a sneak peek at some of the amazing system designs based on 8th Gen Intel Core processors.

6: Start planning for what new 8th Gen Intel Core processor-based device to purchase in the holiday season and even before.

7: Don’t worry, you won’t miss the solar eclipse. Tune in before it descends upon Oregon and the West Coast and then makes its way across the U.S.

8: See how the 8th Gen Intel Core processor is designed for today and what comes next.

So, don't forget to tune in to Intel's Facebook page or Intel newsroom on Monday, August 21 at 8AM PDT.

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1 year ago | 2017. 08. 21. 13:29:55
Going to happen soon! :D

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