New Giveaway System
System Requirements, 2014. February 22., news

Our new giveaway system is done where you can win original games (codes) or other prizes! Participating is very simple. If you have the needed profile level, click on 'Entry' button to enter the giveaway. Some time later you can participate in each giveaway again, so you can increase your chance to win.

Giveaway Terms and Conditions:
* Registration and determined level requirements are needed to participate in the giveaways.
* The winner will be selected at random.
* You can increase your chance to win, if you enter the same giveaway several times after the entry's time limit is up which is different per giveaways.
* We only accept proper data and full name.
* Giveaways are not open to members received warning.
* The winner's full name, user name and the given country will be published on the site. The winner will be notified via private message.
* The winner will have two weeks to respond or another winner will be selected.

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Comments: 3
aryan88605865 avatar
5 years ago | 2014. 04. 09. 13:26:59
thanx and how can i submit image or a review
tomcat3 avatar
5 years ago | 2014. 04. 08. 17:14:09
Login per day: 5 points

Comment: 1 point

Filling out profile: 55 points (max)

Marking 2 games: 1 point

Marking 2 friends: 1 point

10 ratings: 1 point

Submitting game review: 40 points

Submitting image: 10 points

Warn: -1000 points
aryan88605865 avatar
5 years ago | 2014. 04. 08. 12:54:36
what is minimum level requirment and how to increase the level


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