Ujvári Gergely (GeryDee)
22 years old, male
Esztergom, Hungary
member for: 7 years , offline


GeryDee is interested in the following games and will play them (3):

Project CARSThe CrewNeed For Speed (2015)

GeryDee has already played the following games (24):

Ford Racing 3Gothic 3CrashdayAssassin's CreedGRIDDoom 3Driver: Parallel LinesNeed For Speed Underground 2Need For Speed UndergroundGothic 3: Forsaken GodsA MesterlövészDriver 3PrototypeGothic IICounter-Strike: Global OffensiveSleeping DogsGRID 2League of LegendsSlender: The ArrivalPlants vs. Zombies: Garden WarfareOutlastGothicGRID AutosportFord Racing 2

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